The Lowdown On Brows & Everything In Between


When it comes to make-up, many of us put on the works but omit our eyebrows. I’m one of those because (a) I’ve never been particularly good or knowledgeable when it comes to drawing my brows properly and (b) I’ve never thought it made much of a difference to my appearance whether I tended my brows or not. Well, Cameron Tuttle’s book ‘Raising Eyebrows’ may just change your perception if you’re like me and haven’t cared much about what your brows look like.

‘Raising Eyebrows’ is an incredibly comprehensive book all about brows – from the history of brow grooming to the art of brow-shaping. It’s a book that has been published exclusively for Benefit Cosmetics which is a brand renowned for their Brow Bar.

Reading ‘Raising Eyebrows’ is a real brow opener because I realised that drawing brows is more intricate than I thought. It’s not that difficult once you know the right techniques but this book is very helpful and informative as it contains tips and tricks from the global brow experts at Benefit Cosmetics.

These are just some of the contents in the book:-

  • Learn the secret power of eyebrows
  • Compare the pros & cons of waxing, tweezing, threading and more
  • Avoid the perils of PTTD (post-traumatic-tweezing-disorders)
  • The fascinating journey of the eyebrow through the ages
  • What you need to know to find the best brow salon for you
  • Maintaining your eyebrows at home

The book is written in a light-hearted, easy-to-read and often humourous manner. My favourite section of the book is the ‘Brow-Shaping Basics’ as it explains precisely how to shape the brows just by finding 3 points on our brows (please see image above).

Benefit’s Brow Zing (RM115) is used to shape brows as it contains everything one needs for the perfect looking brows. Brow Zing is a handy kit of soft-pigmented wax, complementing powder plus mini brushes and tweezers (available in 3 shades).

High Brow (RM85) is a brow highlighting pencil in matte pink to add a lifted look to the entire eye area.

Benefit had a bloggers’ brow workshop last weekend where brow grooming steps & brow waxing were demonstrated. The book discusses the benefits of waxing compared to other methods of hair removal such as tweezing and threading.

This is a brow-tastic book which just might change my life because I know a lot more about how to tend to my brows than I ever did before. The book has everything I could have ever wanted or needed to know about brows and more. It’s been a very entertaining and enjoyable read and definitely recommended for anyone who wants to know more about how to maintain their brows, whether with professional help or on their own.