This Year’s Estee Lauder Companies Friends & Family Sale Was So Popular



There was a lot of anticipation for Estee Lauder Companies Friends & Family Sale 2019 which is always well attended. This year was a little different for me as I got to meet some of my readers by personally handing out tickets to a number of you. That was a real pleasure for me as I got to have brief chats with each and every one of those whom I met yesterday and today.

One of those who collected the ticket from me yesterday was nice enough to send me a photo of the queue when she arrived at 7am and it looked quite long already. I had a feeling there would be more people this time than the previous sale. My friend who was staying at the hotel walked past after her breakfast and said the queue was building up.

I got to the hotel at 8am and to my surprise, the VIP queue was the longest I have ever seen for 8am. There were dozens of people in front of me whereas previously at 8am, I was rather near the entrance. I had a few more tickets to hand out to readers who were unable to meet me earlier. I would have liked to chat with those who had the tickets and were queuing up but I couldn’t find them in the long queue.

In the VIP queue, I bumped into reader Nickee who I had met yesterday. A friend had passed her VIP tickets so she was right behind me. Also bumped into reader Alina who was ahead of me in the VIP queue and we had a nice long chat while waiting for the doors to open.

When the door was flung open close to 9am, there was a murmur of excitement. Everyone was so looking forward to seeing their favourite beauty products at a substantial discount. Those ahead of me were grabbing the Estee Lauder Pleasures sets at the counter nearest the entrance and by the time I got through the door, it was all gone!


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It’s always difficult to know where to browse first because you don’t want to miss out on the products you really want or need if you start browsing elsewhere but on the other hand, you might get lucky and find a bargain par excellence if you start at the right place. Generally there were less products this year than at the previous sale. I could tell from the get-go that MAC had a lot less cosmetics than previous years although this time they had limited edition brushes in a pack for less than RM100 and some of those brushes were worth over RM200. That was super value indeed and snapped up so fast.

Estee Lauder perfume and skincare sets were extremely popular, so much so that two of you have commented on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook that you couldn’t find any more EL fragrance sets when you entered the room. The EL Blockbuster Sets were also a bestseller. There were plenty at RM250 when I was there but within an hour or so, all gone. My friend who arrived after 10am lamented that they were sold out.

People bought bags and bags and a lady at the cashier had over RM2800 purchase but that wasn’t surprising as this sale made everyone want to spend, spend and spend some more. In case you are wondering what I bought, this is my very modest purchase.


It’s getting late and it has been a long day for me. I might follow up with another post but for now good night and I hope everyone who attended had a fantastic shopping day.


  1. So exciting! Too bad I couldn’t make it. I’m hoping to attend the next one, if the timing is good enough for me to travel.

    • What a pity. I would have loved to see you again but sadly there will be no more such sale unless their management changes their mind.