Anna Sui Perfect Mascara


One of the mascaras which didn’t smudge on me was from Anna Sui and there are very few brands whose mascaras are smudge-free for me. When I purchased their latest eye shadow palette, the Beauty Advisor gave me a sample size Perfect Mascara. It’s for defining, lengthening, curling and volumizing. In other words, all one would expect from the perfect mascara!

Of course, the sample size looks nothing like the full size version. It’d be too much to expect the sample to look like the full size which is in typical Anna Sui design. Naturally, I also don’t expect the sample to perform as well as the full size but it’d give me a rough idea of what to expect from the full size.

For uplifting, it has a formula with Fast Dry Powder, Curl Keep Polymer and Triple Solid Oil to instantly curl and freeze lashes, keeping curls for long lasting effect and allow short lashes to support long lashes. For lengthening and volumizing, it contains ultra-fine and short fibers, Volume Up Polymer and Triple Solid Oil that coat lash with smooth finishing. It comes in only 1 shade 001 Black and a very rich, dense black it is, I must say.

In the images above, I have used the mascara without an eyelash curler to see the curling effect (if any) and what d’ya know….it does have an uplifting effect. It defines lashes well and manages to reach the smallest lashes as the brush is tapered almost to a point at the end, it’s very slim and narrow. There are no annoying flakes and best of all, absolutely no smudging all day which is what I’ve come to expect from an Anna Sui mascara after my first experience with one.

Anna Sui mascaras are awesome, they deliver on every score. If the results from the sample size are already this good, imagine what you’ll get from the full size mascara which retails at RM93. Even the sample size mascara has the signature rose scent.