bio-home unveils First-Ever Eco Refill Stations

From Left to Right- Robin Loh, Director Strategic & Key Customer Development at Jaya Grocer, W.K Lo, Director of Brand Marketing at bio-home, Chua Su Fee, Assistant General Manager of the Household & Personal Care Brand Marketing Division of bio-home, Daniel Teng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jaya Grocer, Tan Kee Kat, Head of Non-Food and Procurement Jaya Grocer, Joseph Teo, Head of Online Groceries at Jaya Grocer

bio-home proudly unveiled its first ECO Refill Stations today, marking a significant stride in the brand’s commitment to combat plastic waste by reducing plastic use by 95%. These innovative ECO Refill Stations, located at selected Jaya Grocer outlets offer more than just a sustainable and convenient way to refill bio-home products. They empower consumers to embrace eco-friendly choices, fostering a collective effort towards reducing plastic waste, which perfectly aligns with Earth Day 2024’s theme, “Planet Vs Plastic”. 

Jaya Grocer, renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, emerges as the ideal partner for this initiative, seamlessly aligning with bio-home’s mission to bring eco-friendly solutions closer to consumers’ everyday lives. Together, bio-home and Jaya Grocer are paving the way for a more sustainable future, minimising single-use plastic consumption by promoting the use of recycled or reusable plastic bottles through the Eco Refill Stations. 

Chua Su Fee, Assistant General Manager of the Household & Personal Care Brand Marketing Division of bio-home
Demonstration on how to use bio-home ECO Refill Station
Chua Su Fee & Daniel Teng, Deputy CEO of Jaya Grocer

“We chose ‘The Unwasted Plastic’ theme to signify a conscientious approach to plastic usage where every piece of plastic is utilised efficiently, recycled effectively, or avoided altogether. It embodies the idea of minimising waste and maximising the lifespan and utility of plastic materials, thereby reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. At bio-home, our commitment to sustainability drives every innovation,” said Chua Su Fee, Assistant General Manager of the Household & Personal Care Brand Marketing Division. 

The bio-home ECO Refill Station at Jaya Grocer offers a hassle-free solution for refilling your cleaning products while reducing plastic waste. Simply select your desired product from our range, including dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner and laundry detergent. Place your empty bottle under the nozzle, and press start. Once refilled, affix the provided barcode and proceed to pay. It’s not only eco-friendly but also provides consumers 20% more savings, making sustainable living accessible to all.

“Jaya Grocer is thrilled to be a key partner in this transformative initiative with bio-home. The innovative ECO Refill Stations seamlessly align with our dedication to sustainability and our aim to reduce the usage of single-use plastics. This collaboration underscores our commitment to making eco-friendly choices more accessible to consumers. Together with bio-home, we forge a path towards a more sustainable future.” said Daniel Teng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jaya Grocer.

At the core of bio-home’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability, and environmental consciousness. The brand stands as a beacon for safe, effective, and sustainable cleaning solutions, prioritising the well-being of your family and the planet. What sets bio-home apart is its dedication to eco-friendliness, with products made following eco-label criteria, including 100% plant-based active ingredients, and avoiding chemicals that can harm water ecosystems. Additionally, the brand steers clear of paraben, phosphate and colourant, ensuring products that are safe for your family and the environment. bio-home ensures nature is cared for at every step, reflecting its vision for a world where nature thrives alongside our homes.

As bio-home embarks on this journey towards a cleaner, greener future, the brand invites you to join their movement. Visit Jaya Grocer Starling Mall, Plaza Jelutong or 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara where the strategically placed ECO Refill Stations await your conscientious choices. Bring your own bottle, make the switch to refill, and actively contribute to reducing plastic waste, all while enjoying the benefits of safe, effective, and sustainable cleaning solutions. Together we can take action, refill and care for our planet.