Estee Lauder Friends & Family Sale 2019 : Part 3


dsc_5012Unlike previous years when I was lucky enough to be in the VIP queue, this time the VIP queue was the longest I have ever seen. I knew there was no way I’d even be the first 50 people inside the room this time. I was always in the first 20 in previous sales. So I might as well have come later anyway and just waltzed in as it wouldn’t have made any difference.

From what readers who attended the sale have informed me, they never saw many products that are now being offered at inflated prices on some buy-sell websites. I had a look at one and it is obvious the seller was among the first few VIP ticket holders who went inside as I went to the brand’s counter barely 5 minutes after the door opened and never saw the products. Neither did my friend.


dsc_5015I can tell you it is always an uphill task for me to get the 2 VIP tickets for me and my friend every year. It isn’t given to me automatically. I have to keep asking and then hold my breath. In fact, I was told I was almost not going to be given them this time. However when I arrived at the venue, I can be forgiven for thinking the VIP tickets must have been given freely and easily and now I know that even resellers get easy access to VIP tickets.

Another reader had a good point. If they wanted to impose the RM2k purchase limit, then how come unlimited plastic bags are supplied? It defies logic that a person with five bags would have purchase of below RM2k. Okay, I am just a little downcast that I missed out on a few items from my favourite cosmetics brand, you all know which one.

Assuming there is a next sale (no harm keeping fingers crossed) and again assuming once again I have the VIP ticket, I have to change strategies. Can’t be relaxed any more, got to rush and grab everything especially those that are low in stock. I hate losing out as I am pretty kiasu when it comes to certain things. Also have to be there much earlier than usual. Even if there are 10 resellers among 50 people ahead of me, I would have 0 chance of getting what I want.


  1. Totally agreed on guys hogging the space nearby the tables. And i can’t push forward as my body will be in contact with them and it’s a wonder how they got all this tickets. If u had given away 2 tickets i will bring my lady friend instead of a guy. And yes please don’t discontinued the warehouse sales. It was a bargain to be able to stock on my skincare. It’s also not fair to own users like myself for the resellers to be able to take all the good stuffs. Again thanks for the tix and it’s really nice meeting u albeit for a few mins only. If the vip passes are given out to resellers and what’s the odds of normal passes to get all the good stuffs..