Dear PR

While I generally oblige PR by posting media releases and notifications about upcoming events and new products, I make no guarantees that every media release will be posted. It all depends on the relevancy and pertinence of the media release to Juniper’s Journal but this is by no means a beauty-centric blog even if the majority of reviews are beauty related. I do have many other interests which aren’t beauty related and these will be featured from time to time.

Where review turnaround times are concerned, I usually require a month or two in order to review a skincare product thoroughly but if time is of the essence, I will review the product within the stipulated deadline albeit without commenting on the efficacy of the product. With makeup products, the time taken will be considerably less as is the case for my feature on a media launch/event or interview with a brand representative.

All products are reviewed objectively without bias even if I do like some brands more than others but to be honest, everyone will have their personal favourites. As a consumer, I would purchase some brands over others but that doesn’t mean you won’t see brands which I don’t purchase being featured. I like to think of myself operating on a quid pro quo basis when it comes to brands. I don’t believe in spending my hard earned money on brands which have been dismissive of me. If you can’t be bothered to reply my emails, then you really don’t deserve me as a customer which is why you won’t see me spending retail on certain brands. I’ve worked very hard to get to this stage and if I have your respect as a blogger, you will have my respect as a consumer. If I attend an event or launch, you will see the product or opening ceremony being featured on Juniper’s Journal as I respect the invitation extended to me. At the same time, I’d really really appreciate if promises made are kept. It would give me a bad impression of the brand and nothing puts me off more than broken promises. I’ve had to return brand membership cards because of this reason.

This blog is not about me – my focus is on the products/services/events so there won’t be many photos of me, which is the way I like it.

I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and as such prices of products shall be quoted in Malaysian currency (Ringgit Malaysia or RM).

Happy Reading!

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