Invitations That State For One Pax Only But There Are Exceptions

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Lately, I have received a few invitations that state that the invitation is for one pax only and so even if I want to bring a plus 1 (it’s always nice to have a friend next to you, isn’t it?), I abide by the rules. However, I find that rule is always bent for some people who say that their plus 1 is also their photographer. Now I know that these people are perfectly capable of handling professional cameras on their own but by stating that their partner is the photographer, they get around the one pax only stipulation on the invitation.

Tonight I had a food review and as per the invitation stipulation, I went on my own only to find 2 couples at my table who were from the same blog. All very well but in that case, I could have shoved a camera at my plus 1 and insisted that he/she was my photographer, right? How is it that some people can get away with bringing their partners just on that basis? Surely an invitation for one pax means exactly that.

I have no idea what I ate because everything tasted sour and I was silent throughout the dinner because I thought it most unfair that the establishment could make exceptions for others. I am all for fair play and when exceptions are made at someone’s discretion, then I feel very aggrieved.

Swiss Line Launches Cell Shock Boosting Essence & Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence

Swiss line Cell Shock range is well known as an anti-aging line of skincare  that offers the best of active formulas in innovative delivery to tackle the physical manifestations of aging skin. Now Swiss line has turned its attention to tackling a new era of skin’s threats – the urban and environmental stress that devastates the health of or skin.

On a daily basis, skin is exposed to a barrage of toxins in our food, water and the air that we breathe. These toxins which are abrobed into our bodies give rise to cellular toxicity which continues in a vicious cycle. Healthy cells fight to get rid of the toxins, and in doing so, produce a lethal residue of metal components. Over time, the cells produce harmful chemicals that impair cell rejuvenation, thereby causing an aging effect. Externally, micro-particles from home and industrial pollutants inflict the skin’s surface resulting in dullness, dryness, fine lines and over-pigmentation, all of which ultimately lead to loss of tone and firmness of the skin.

Swiss line’s research announced that they have found a clinically proven, modern formula that tackles “urban stress”. Swiss line’s Urban-Detox Complex which will be added to more subsequent products from the brand, is formulated with specific protein fractions from Moringa seeds to shield skin from environmental pollution, while a Nasturtium stem extract promotes the role of cytoglobin as an oxygen carrier, facilitating intercellular exchange and diffusing toxicity.

To address the vicious cycle of cellular toxicity, a major factor in aging skin, Swiss line has launched its improved formula for the Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence and Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence.

Swiss line Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence


This product keeps skin moist while addressing the tell-tale signs of skin fatigue. This new generation of essence-in-water formula addresses skin stress problems in the most targeted way. It also delivers a concentrated splash of energetic coolness to the skin.

The active ingredients in this product are Grape Living Water, Kombucha Extract and Urban-Detox Complex as well as Swiss line’s signature Cellactel 2 Complex.

The grape polyphenols have demonstrated its powerful antioxidant effect. Swiss line’s patented extraction method, called the “Living Extraction”, is a process that does not involve usual volatile solvents extraction, thus keeping all the delicate polyphenols and phyto-nutrients present in the grapes “alive”. Meanwhile, the Kombucha, also known as “long-life mushroom”, smoothens and freshens the skin.

Swiss line Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence


This product addresses the signs of pigmentation and uneven skin texture, while encouraging optimal exfoliation and skin renewal. This essence is recommended for all skin types. It is ideal for aging skin with a need for intensified brightening and improvement in evenness. This product is also suitable for consumers who are looking for a gel-in essence, a texture in between a lotion and a serum.

The active ingredients in this serum are the AHA Botanical Blend, Aura-Light Cellular Culture and Ocean-Matrix Water.

The AHA Botanical Blend has the effect of increasing cell renewal and safely exfoliating dead skin cells to appear fresher, more even and brighter. The Aura-Light Cellular Culture slows down pore expansion and gives the skin a smoother aspect by conferring a lighter, more uniform and even appearance. The Ocean-Matrix Water, comprising of sea water and a lyophilisate from red algae (Porphyridium cruentum), offers remarkable skin smoothing effects, thereby reducing roughness while acting like a protective barrier. As a result, skin is sublimated and imparts an even reflection of its inner luminosity.

More Than A Classic Toner

The new and sophisticated formula of the Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence and the Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence illustrates an evolution of the traditional toners. Toners are typically formulated to assist in the cleansing process and restoring the skin’s balance. Swiss line has formulated the new products to be more than a classic toner, so that it can respond to today’s harsher environment, becoming essences that prepare and condition the skin, leaving the top layer soft and ready for a better penetration of further useful products.

Swiss line Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence retails at RM468/150ml and the Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence retails at RM488/150ml. The Swiss line products are available at over 50 Cheerful Beautique member beauty salons nationwide in Malaysia, including Energy Day Spa at Great Eastern Mall (Ampang). Please visit for the full list of Beautique member locations.

[comfort zone] Tranquillity Scented Body Mist

Scented body mists such as [comfort zone] Tranquillity Scented Body Mist can be quite useful as an alternative to fragrances. This is a flowery scented mist which comes in a tall pink cardboard box with graphics.

Where perfumes are strong and sometimes overpowering, the scent from [comfort zone] Tranquillity Scented Body Mist is very subtle but the downside is it isn’t long-lasting. Perhaps there should be a small size bottle for convenient touch-ups during the day. The scent is a blend of palma rose and vanilla, a scent which would appeal to women of all ages.

Product reviewed is a press sample.

Zuellig Pharma Announces Release Of Ulipristal Acetate (5mg) For Women With Uterine Fibroids

Good health is so important in order for everyone to do the daily chores. For women who suffering from uterine fibroids, even getting out of bed or going for a leisurely stroll is a huge challenge.

Uterine fibroids (also known as leiomyomas or myomas) are the most common benign uterine tumor found in the muscle of the uterus (womb) that, when symptomatic, can lead to a multitude of symptoms such as abnormal uterine bleeding, anemia, a feeling of pelvic pressure, urinary incontinence or retention, or pain. Almost half of all women between the ages of 35 to 49 experience uterine fibroids, with 30% of these suffering symptoms which can have a severe impact on their quality of life.

Treatments for symptomatic uterine fibroids have traditionally been limited, with many women resorting to surgery to manage the condition.

Dr. Raman Subramaniam, a Malaysian-based obstetrician and gynecologist elaborated, “Traditionally, surgery has been considered to be the most common option to treat fibroids with moderate to severe symptoms. However, as with any type of surgery, there are risks of complications, which is why procedures like hysterectomies are often linked to morbidity, mortality, and economic burden on the healthcare system. It is also a deterrent for some women as going through this procedure means giving up any possibility of future pregnancies. For women who are looking for an alternative, myomectomy provides a temporary relief from the symptoms of uterine fibroids. However, there is a risk that these fibroids can re-occur later on.”

Pharmacologic therapies can also be used to treat uterine fibroids, but these have significant limitations. “These solutions can provide temporary relief but long term use can have significant draw backs such as premature menopause and bone density loss. Additionally, once medications stop, the fibroids often grow back, and symptoms return,” highlights Dr. Raman.

Zuellig Pharma, a leading healthcare solutions provider has announced the release of Ulipristal acetate 5mg (UPA 5mg) – a new, first-in-class oral therapy approved in Malaysia that will transform the lives of women suffering from this condition. UPA 5mg has been proven to stop uterine bleeding, correct anemia and shrink fibroid volumes.


Santiago Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of Zuellig Pharma Malaysia-Brunei comments, “Zuellig Pharma is committed to making healthcare more accessible and the launch of UPA 5mg is a testament to this. Symptomatic uterine fibroids are one of the most common gynecological conditions and UPA 5mg is a break through first-in-class oral therapy that will transform the lives of women suffering from this condition. We are proud to be bringing this first-in-class solution to such a common and debilitating medical condition to Malaysia.”

Professor Jacques Donnez, principal investigator in the UPA 5mg clinical trials explains, “Women that have been diagnosed with symptomatic uterine fibroids in the past often felt pressured when faced with the option of surgical treatments. Pharmacological therapies on the other hand, pose limitations to the body. With UPA 5mg, women now have a value-added option that may negate the need for commonly referred treatment.”

The Asia Flow Tour Finals 2016

Image R

Sunway Lagoon’s Flow Rider, Malaysia’s first surf simulator, was the stage for an enthralling display of flips and jumps at the Asia Flow Tour Finals 2016. For the first time ever, the finals of the region’s premier flow boarding competition was held in Malaysia.

The day saw the best flow boarders from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia take to the waves vying for the opportunity to represent Asia at the upcoming World Championships in October 2016.

Image T

Flow boarders competed across 6 categories that comprised of, Pro Men and Women Flowboard, Pro Men’s Bodyboard, Open Men and Women Flowboard, and Open Men Bodyboard.

This year’s finals were attended by Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong, Selangor Executive State Council Member of Tourism, Consumer Affairs, and Environment.

Among the highlights of the tournament were Thailand’s flowboarder Nazri Salim defending his title as champion in both the Pro Men’s Bodyboard and Flowboard categories, and Nur Alysha from Singapore making history as the youngest flowboarder to represent Asia at the upcoming World Championships in Singapore.

The winners of the Asia Flow Tour Finals 2016 who will go on to represent Asia at the World Championships in Singapore this October 2016 are as below:


Categories Winners
Open Women’s Flowboard
  1. Zaalim – Thailand
  2. Bam Insinee – Thailand
  3. Zara Dhanji – Thailand

Open Men’s Flowboard

  1. Isara Singto – Thailand
  2. Ridhwan Salleh – Singapore
  3. Panpoth Mahasaranon – Thailand
Open Men’s Bodyboard
  1. Kobe Dhanji – Thailand
  2. Hezro Babad – Malaysia
  3. Syed Auzy Rizvi – Malaysia
Pro Women’s Flowboard
  1. Nur Alysha – Singapore
  2. Melissa Kamil – Singapore
  3. Annissa Flynn – Thailand

Pro Men’s Flowboard

  1. Nazri Salim – Thailand
  2. Trongklod BM – Thailand
  3. Siva O – Thailand
Pro Men’s Bodyboard
  1. Nazri Salim – Thailand
  2. Ismaizal Ismail – Malaysia
  3. Syuqri – Malaysia
Best Teams
  1. Team Thailand
  2. Team Singapore
  3. Team Malaysia

Flowboarding – or flowriding, as it is also generally known – is an alternative boardsport which gained popularity in the last 20 years incorporating elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding and wakeboarding.

Flowboarders ride on artificial waves comprising of a three-inch layer of water pumped at high pressure. The water flows up and over surfaces engineered to replicate the shape

Astalift Lunamer Cream

Dry skins need moisturisers that penetrate deeply into skin layers for better and more long-lasting hydration. That’s exactly what Astalift Lunamer Cream does by delivering moisturising ingredients into the corneal layer. Contains high concentrations of Nano Vitamin A to energise skin (highest concentration in the Lunamer Series) and assist in the repair of damaged skin. Also formulated with yeast extract to nourish skin.

This is quite a rich cream, recommended for night time use but if you have dry skin and don’t mind the slightly thick texture, then you can use it during the day too. I don’t mind as a little goes a long way and although this tub is just 30g, you won’t need much for each application. Retails at RM132.50.

Product reviewed is a press sample.

Crystal Moist HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser

So many types of cleansers out there but somehow I always prefer the foam cleanser. I find that foam cleansers are more affordable than cream or oil cleansers. Also, foam cleansers get me more mileage.


Crystal Moist HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser lathers up very nicely and provides thick foam without me having to squeeze out much from the tube. It’s definitely one of the better foam cleansers I’ve used. Some foam cleansers don’t lather well but I can say that Crystal Moist HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser is satisfying and cleanses make-up effectively. Doesn’t dry out my skin. I would recommend Crystal Moist HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser to anyone who loves rich lather.

Product reviewed is a press sample.

Mask Slim Introduces After Love & De Stress Masks

Image 1

MaskSlim, a pioneer in daily beauty masks launched its first successful crowd funded beauty products in Malaysia, After Love and De Stress masks. Keeping with the current trend of raising money to fund a business idea through many donors, MaskSlim through its company MaskSlim Majesty used Malaysia’s largest crowdfunding platform, MyStartr to achieve its target.

At the product launch held on Saturday, 17 September 2016 at MK Curtain Group in Nilai, MaskSlim’s Founder Miss Estee Leong handed the After Love and De Stress masks to its supporters and donors who assisted in the successful funding of these beauty products through MyStartr. The launch was also attended by Guest of Honour Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong ­ Executive Advisor of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), VVIPs Dato KK Chai ­ Founder of KK Super Mart, Dato’ Calvin Khiu Fu Siang ­ Founder and CEO of MK Curtain Group of Companies, other industry leaders, guests and the media.

MaskSlim was established in 2015 with the aim of providing women worldwide an all ­natural way to looking beautiful by creating a range of natural masks ideal for daily use, requiring only 15 minutes to see a noticeable difference. MaskSlim researches and manufactures its own range of products in France, using a formula of orange stem cells and natural ingredients. Upping the ante, MaskSlim decided to create two new natural masks to help an individual or a couple to relax and destress after a long day of daily activities.

Estee Leong and her team, are the first within the beauty industry in Malaysia to successfully crowd fund the two new masks. Estee quoted “We created the After Love mask for couples and De Stress mask for students. The After Love mask has Lavender oils that helps balance hormones and its smell can set the tone for a romantic environment with couples in keeping their love life alive under the sheets.”

She added, “De Stress mask helps the user relax and sleep better, as Peppermint and Tea Tree oils can also soothe, nourish and hydrate especially students’ skin to stay clear of breakouts caused by stress.”

Both After Love and De Stress masks will be available at all KK Mart stores nationwide in early October this year. Pre product launch, MaskSlim’s CSR arm, LiFE Ribbon Community simultaneously launched its DF Vertical Drums with Guest of Honour, Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong, Dato Calvin Khiu and Mr Jeff Kong ­ President of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association and LiFE Ribbon Community’s Co­Founder along with donors who supported MaskSlim’s crowd funding with over RM1,000 or more at MKAYE CHARIS CHARITY BERHAD, an old folks home in Nilai (owned by Dato’ Calvin Khiu).

LiFE Ribbon Community is a gathering of like­minded individuals founded by Estee Leong together with Jeff Kong, to share knowledge, support each other by creating a positive environment for its surrounding community. Life Ribbon Community aims to create a healthy society by educating the community that the food consumed and products used daily are loaded with harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Its DF Vertical Drums project launched earlier this year helped raise awareness with a small community on ways to grow their own vegetables in Vertical Drums in their own homes through Urban Farming. The project hopes to continue creating value at MKAYE CHARIS CHARITY BERHAD, by providing DF Vertical Drums that can be used not just to grow organic vegetables but also to beautify the charity home with flowering plants. All parties involved aim to create a positive, happy and healthy  environment amongst the old folds with this project.

Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong, who is also the Executive Advisor of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association said “With the support of Ministry of National Unity, Urban Farming in Vertical Drums is encouraged by LiFE Ribbon Community as it saves space, time and water. Vertical Drums uses organic waste (food you throw) as fertiliser which is healthier than chemicals.”

He added, “Urban Farming improves the interaction among family members, as the activity of growing your own vegetables and fruits means you teach your parents or your children on how to survive in this world healthily whilst bridging the generation gap.”

Dettol Foaming Lavender Hand Soap

Normally, I prefer washing my hands  with a bar of soap as somehow I feel it’s more effective but now and then, I receive liquid soap and of course, I use that instead of a soap bar. Dettol Foaming Lavender Hand Soap is very convenient because the pump transforms the liquid into foam so there’s no need to add water to lather.

Not too fond of antibacterial scents in soap but the lavender masks that strong antibacterial scent and makes it a very pleasant liquid soap. Of course, as this is a Dettol product, one can be assured of protection against germs etc using this liquid soap.

Product reviewed is a press sample.