Confessions Of A Shopaholic Part 2 : Anna Sui Autumn 2012 Collection (Eyes)


The ANNA SUI girl for the Autumn I 2012 Collection is a strong, self-minded ‘Rebel Girl’ who knows what she likes and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She is particular about her style and her makeup isn’t any different- She chooses her own looks! Much like Anna Sui herself, the Rebel Girl is independent and has a mind of her own! Anna believes every girl has her own unique character; all she needs to do is to unleash her rebellious spirit and follow her own will!

ANNA SUI’s 2012 AUTUMN I COLLECTION is an open book of possibilities for the Rebel Girl who has to have it her way!  The focus here is on EYES, and the collection provides everything necessary for all rebel girls, with very particular taste who want to create their own unique ANNA SUI look. The Rebel Girl can choose from a collection of 41 high quality Eye Shadow shades that are highly suitable for Asian skin and include 8 shades of Anna’s favorite color – purple. The new eye colors are made from the finest ingredients and glide on smoothly for a superior fit. They are characterized by the use of three kinds of texture bases which can be used alone or in combination: a powder base which provides beautiful color development, a moist powder base that produces clear, pearly shades and a cream base that has a beautiful pearlescent sheen. The Rebel Girl can create her own styles from Rock n Roll to Romantic or Classic with the 3 shade selections from her personalized eye shadow palette by using different combination and application techniques; these 3 shades represent her own “Original” unique looks. She can always have it her way!

Next up is the Pencil Eye Liner, an essential tool to add spice to your eye makeup. These pencils are simple to apply and made from the softest wax, so they glide on with ease. They’re also waterproof!  Match your shade to your shadow, or simply highlight your natural eye color with this newly formulated pencil. Pearls and rich pigment have been generously combined to yield deep, defined color that adds depth to eyes. Thus, making them appear bigger and more dramatic.

“This season is all about the Eyes, and the theme of my new collection is REBEL GIRL!  I adore every one of my fans, but have a special connection to all to the ‘Rebel Girls’ out there!  I consider myself one too; I always value a free spirited attitude, and having a mind of your own.  What I love most about this new eye shadow collection is the vast array of shades offered and the different textures that work so well together.  You can create lots of different looks, whether you want to be a rock star or a demure young lady.  There are fun glitter and metallic colors in the cream shadows and vivid, beautiful shades in the powder.  What really thrills me most about the collection is that we have eight new shades of purple!  Everyone knows that’s my absolute favorite signature color!” – Anna Sui

ANNA SUI’S NEW Eye Shadow Collection

Lets you create your own custom palette!

With 41 shades and 3 textures to choose from, go ahead- be picky!


The Eye Shadow Palette is in ANNA SUI’s signature black lacquer case with an embroidery design along the edges. It is a sleek design that can easily be slipped into a makeup bag or small purse.  The 3 slots for eye shadow make it easy to pick the colors that suitable for the ANNA SUI Rebel Girl to create her own unique look. Anna’s signature rose pattern is imprinted into the Eye Shadow, making this product beautiful both on and off the face!

Choose from a collection of shades made from the finest ingredients

Rock-n-roll, Avant Garde, Romantic, Pop, Classical…

Whatever your look, create your perfect combination from a choice of 41 shades and 3 textures!

You can choose from 8 variations of purple (Anna Sui’s favourite colour) to create any kind of purple inspired look!  From soft lavenders to deep purples, transform from cute to sexy or any look in between is so easily achievable!

3 textures for the ultimate variety:-


(1) 21 shades of Powder Base – vivid colour with superior fit.

  • This pigment rich formula provides long lasting vivid color.
  • By coating pigments with special oil, the resulting formula has an extremely smooth application and superior fit for you to be playful in creating different color graduations.

(2) 14 shades of Moist Powder Base – soft pearl shades. 

  • Created with a highly transparent oil rich base to support ease in blending, the base also holds large amount of pearls, creating a dewy, pearly, glossy finish for brilliant shimmer and shine.

(3) 6 shades of Cream Base – cream sheen.

Anna Sui’s recommendations for mixing & blending:-

(1)  Cream as base for more long-lasting eye shadows

(2) Cream mixed with Powder for smudge-up effect

(3) Moist Powder with Powder for best blending

(4) Cream on top of shadows for strong glossy or glitter effect.

The ANNA SUI Autumn 2012 Collection (Eyes)

EYE SHADOW (Powder & Moist Powder) RM40




Products will be available at Anna Sui counters from 15th August onwards.