MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Showstopper Powder Kiss Lipstick X 5 Kit


dsc_9163There’re some items from MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 that have sold out online and one of them is the Showstopper Powder Kiss Lipstick X 5 Kit which was reduced to RM223.30 (online price) from RM319 (has a RM435 value). The lipsticks are all matte and the shades are:

  • Stay Curious – Muted pinky red
  • Fall in Love – Bright creamy fuchsia
  • Werk, Werk, Werk – Cool red
  • Devoted to Chili – Warm brick red
  • Mull it Over – Dirty peach

Each shade is all dressed up in a colour-matched, sensorial matte case and packaged in a specially designed box shimmering with firework flare. Good value kit but not my kind of shades as they tend to be reds and I am definitely inclined towards peach.