Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask For Hydrating


20220905_142947At RM14.90 per piece, the Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask which comes in 2 variants is more expensive than the average sheet mask you can find in drugstores but when you consider the ingredients in it, it may well be worth the higher price. As stated in my earlier post, this mask contains high penetrating serum mask and infused with premium platinum nanoparticles.

I’ve tried it out and it’s really thin, fits the contours of my face well and is extremely hydrating. Not surprising as it contains 23ml of serum. Therefore it is able to offer benefits that are equivalent to two bottles of serum thanks to the nanoparticles technology and Bemliese®, the non-woven fabric that allows deep penetration of the serum into the skin.