Weekend Affair Brunch Menu Tasting With Delightful Cocktails At Gin Rik Sha

With owner of Gin Rik Sha, Puan Sri Gita

A week ago, Gin Rik Sha invited members of the media for a tea time get-together to sample items from their weekend brunch menu. We also got to taste their delightful cocktails which look stunning and are as Instagram-worthy as the food. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastebuds in their brunch menu – from thalis, muffins, sandwiches, pizzas, omelettes, curry to waffles.

This is Gin Rik Sha’s Brunch Menu:

Weekend Brunch Menu

We had a sampling from the above menu:

Yoghurt Chaat Bomb, Kerala Fried Chicken & Rice Waffles, Spicy Fish Cutlets, Seafood Somo in Idiappam Cups, Corn Beef Hash
Brioche Bombay Toast, Mango Chicken Poppadam, Cardamom Corn Bread & Chicken Vindaloo, Rawa Uttapam, Bang Bang Prawns

Personally, I felt that the stand-outs are the Yoghurt Chaat Bomb, Kerala Fried Chicken & Rice Waffles (the spiced maple syrup makes this extra delicious), Corn Beef Hash and Brioche Bombay Toast (served with dried fig and date jam).

Pani Poori Margarita
Gin Rik Sha’s awesome mixologist preparing the Pani Poori Margarita

The Pani Poori Margarita is a tantalising cocktail as it comes with a pani poori which you dip into the cocktail in order to get the best alcohol-laden pani poori ever. The sourness of the pani poori gives this a real “kick” to the tastebuds and I really wanted more pani poori to dip into this unforgettable cocktail.

Cocktail Of The Month – Twisted Elixir

Purple is my favourite colour and purple looks best when it’s a cocktail like Gin Rik Sha’s Cocktail of the Month – Twisted Elixir. Key ingredient is gin and it is super pretty! It’s a drink so refreshing and inspired by our current hot and humid weather. What better way to cool down in the evenings than with a Twisted Elixir in your hand.

Mocktail After 5

Gin Rik Sha has a fabulous drink for non-alcohol drinkers like me in the form of After 5, apple juice blended with the aromatic spices of masala chai, delicately sweetened with a touch of honey. The tartness of the apple juice blends so well with the masala chai.

Indian Summer

Everyone loved the dessert, Indian Summer which contains fresh mango, cream and bits of meringue. Marvelous way to end the sampling session.

Gin Rik Sha is located at 132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, KL.