Lancome Lip Lover



Following on from Rouge In Love, the ultra-addictive versatile lipstick, Gloss In Love, the brilliantly styled light-catcher lip gloss and Baume in Love, the phenomenally subtle moisturizing balm, Lip Lover is the latest range of 18 lip glosses from Lancôme’s In Love range. It has a hybrid formula combining refined colour effects, “made to measure” shine and lasting comfort.

There are 3 colour families –



Colours in AmouRose are sheer and sweet, ideal for those looking for just a hint of colour, pink and coral shades in this range.



Rosemantic colours are slightly more intense than AmouRose and there are a few lovely rose shades in this range.



For more dramatic and intense shades, go for those in GlamouRose which are fuchsias and purples.



These colours are bright and vibrant. These are the features of Lip Lover:-

  • Colour: infused with lipstick pigments, the shades melt into the intensity of lips’ natural colour to truly reveal their beauty. Deep colours, without ever feathering.
  • Shine: “made-to-measure”, subtle and re-plumping shine that can be built up and intensified layer by layer; a little, a lot or all the way! Its secret: an ultra-shiny, non-sticky silicone-infused oil allowing for a glide-on texture that smoothes out any irregularities on application. Fixed to the pigmented layer by adhesive polymers, the shiny film remains at the surface, protects colour and perfects it with a mirror-finish effect as well as preventing feathering.
  • Lipcare: emollient and moisturising agents make up no less than a third of the formula. The on-lip result is 8hr moisture and lips are nourished as well as instantly comforted thanks to this exceptionally soft and generously rich formula.

Lip Lover is equipped with an intelligent bi-phasic formula. Its emulsion separates on application so the pigmented phase can fuse with lips while the glossy film rises to the surface to sublimely coat lips


Flaunting clean lines and metal finishings and an irresistible click on closing, Lip Lover reinterprets the codes of the In Love line with a built-in transparent window allowing the shade within to remain visible. To beautify lips in a single stroke, it is equipped with an innovative applicator that makes all the difference: thanks to its elongated arrow shape, curved profile and supple material, it precisely hugs lips’ shape to better envelop them in flawless colour and even shine.

Signature shades from each colour family:-







In the promo shot, Lily Collins is wearing 337 Lip Lover, a radiant fuchsia. Personally, I like 355 Framboise Etoile as it’s a ripe raspberry shade.



However, 337 Lip Lover is quite a nice radiant shade too. It’s best to wear them over lipstick to prolong their wear. Colour pay-off is very good as I get intense colour in just one swipe. It’s easy to close and lock the cap as you just need to push it down instead of twisting it like most other lip glosses.

Lancome Lip Lover lip glosses retail at RM75 each.



  1. OMG, really interesting lipgloss! The bi phase and the intensity of the colour makes the lipgloss so much beautiful and wearable on just its own. Personally, I would get 337 for day wear as it looks subtle enough to go to the office and 355 for a special intense night look. Oh, I am In love.