René Furterer Essential Scalp Treatment



It’s been some time since I last purchased a Groupon deal but curiousity got the better of me when they recently offered the René Furterer Essential Scalp Treatment for RM39 instead of RM105. This treatment includes Massage & Scalp Treatment + Wash + Blow + Kit of Shampoo, Mask & Serum. I’ve seen René Furterer products being featured in our local magazines regularly but never got round to trying out any of their products.

The René Furterer salon at Pavilion is the only René Furterer salon in Malaysia and the brand is under Alliance Cosmetics who also distribute Silkygirl, Avene and Arty Professional products. There are 4 stylists at the salon with 3 seats for customers in the outer part of the salon but they have 2 private rooms which are spacious and it was into 1 of these private rooms which I was ushered into upon my arrival this afternoon. The private rooms have a lot of magazines and I wouldn’t get bored even if I had to spend a few hours there but my treatment was just 1 hour long. The salon doesn’t offer any services other than scalp and hair treatments.


The large chairs are comfortable and service was excellent from the start with a choice of water or Chinese tea offered. My treatment didn’t begin with a scalp analysis, the stylist bright in a small vial of oil which had a citrus and lavender blend of scents but prior to the scalp massage, my shoulders were massaged.

As the stylist massaged my scalp, the scent of the oil filled the room. I could feel a slight tingling at the back of my neck but it wasn’t serious tingling. It was such an aromatherapeutic scent, instantly relaxing me. The oil was left on my scalp for 10 minutes after which it was rinsed off. The stylist advised that I should use cold water to wash my hair as using warm water opened up the pores and would lead to frizziness and hair weakening. I’ll take his advise as he has more than 4 years’ experience at the salon. He also advised that I should not rub my hair vigorously with my towel after a hair wash but gently pat the towel against my hair and wring off excess water at the ends.

My stylist was very chatty and imparted loads of advice on caring for my hair but he never tried to sell me any of their products or try to convince me to try their other treatments. A hydrating serum was applied to my hair before the blow-dry and after the blow-dry, an anti-frizziness serum was applied.


My hair is smooth and straight after the treatment. It’s also smelling very citrusy. I liked the treatment a lot as my scalp felt so clean afterwards. This is one Groupon deal I don’t regret purchasing at all.