Bella Marie France (BMF) CFU Ultima Face Treatment Review

Bella Marie France The Boulevard Mid Valley City
Bella Marie France @ The Boulevard Mid Valley City

It was exciting to attend the official launch of Bella Marie France’s (BMF) CFU Ultima Face/Body Treatment. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to try out the Face Treatment @ the BMF outlet in Mid Valley City To recap, BMF’s CFU Ultima Face/Body Treatment is a highly advanced, age-defying treatment that features a phenomenal breakthrough in beauty technology. Utilizing the power of ultrasound energy through an innovative application method, CFU Ultima provides an increased level of precision, comfort, and speed without any downtime or damage to your skin. .

I’ve tried ultrasound treatment for face before at another company and it was not pleasant as the beautician pressed too hard on my face during the facial causing pain and discomfort. That session with the other company was less of a relaxing facial and more of a torture session as it just felt unnecessarily forceful.

I arrived early for my appointment and registered by completing the usual form. After that, I was ushered into the consultation room where my face was scanned using a machine much like what you see at the optician’s, only this machine has nothing to do with eyes.

Machine to scan face
My facial scan results

There weren’t any major issues with my skin thankfully but I am aware that at my (ahem!) advancing age, there are bound to be some wrinkles and fine lines. Well that’s why I am there for the CFU Ultima Face Treatment which (fingers crossed!) can improve the appearance of aging and loss of firmness, as one would expect from a person of my age.

The treatment room

Next it was off to the treatment room barely a few steps away where I was introduced to my beautician, Miss Lim. After a quick toilet break, I changed into the facial robe. The room temperature was just nice, not too warm nor too cold but I find that I can rarely totally relax during facials as I want to remember every step of the facial so I can review it later.

Pressure point massage

Miss Lim could tell the right side of my face is firmer than the left and asked if I chewed food on the right side most of the time. I told her that it’s true. I guess I had better start chewing on the left to balance it out! The facial started with the consultant taking “before” and “after” photos so that she could show me the results later. The beautician then began with pressure point massage on the face, shoulders and back. This was after I’d inhaled a lovely lavender facial oil. That was a good start to the facial.

During the CFU Ultima Face Treatment

After spreading ultrasound gel on my face, the beautician began the CFU Ultima process. She began with lower power and asked me if I felt ok. She increased the power after I assured her I felt fine, no pain or discomfort. As the power is increased, I did feel gentle pricking but it was not painful and after 5 minutes, I didn’t feel a thing. It took me that time to get used to it but maybe sensitive skins will feel that sensation for longer.

Goji Mask

After the ultrasound, it was on with a soothing goji mask and I rested for 15 minutes. The scent of the goji mask was really nice, perfect for chilling out after the ultrasound. Aftet the mask was wiped off, the consultant came in again to take the “after” photos.


I did feel that my jowl area was firmer/less saggy, This is only after 1 treatment. For best and more visible results, it’s recommended that customers go for this treatment every 3 weeks. Miss Lim, the beautician was very professional and attentive, always ensuring that I was comfortable. I do recommend that anyone reading this try the treatment once because it does bring about positive results. The next day after the treatment, I didn’t feel any soreness unlike at the other ultrasound facial I was referring to at the beginning of this post. As Miss Lim explained at the start of the treatment, CFU Ultima uses new and more advanced technology so that the CFU Ultima is less painful (not that I experienced any!) than its predecessor.

The CFU Ultima treatments start at RM1,100 per session with an introductory price of RM199 for first-time clients. For enquiries or to make an appointment, clients can call the hotline for BMF The Aesthetics People at 1800 22 8222.