Perfect Shade In Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge RD734


It’s been years since I last tried a Shiseido lipstick, the last time was several years ago when I received one from attending their Benefiance NutriPerfect workshop. I liked it very much then but with so many lipsticks/glosses in storage all the time, I never got round to buying one.

The design of the Perfect Rouge casing reminds me of their Camellia icon, it’s got a similar shape. I like the sound made when I pull off the cover and the “clack” and “click” when cover hits the inner casing. It’s a heavy duty kind of sound, sturdy and what you’d expect from a high end priced lipstick.

RD734 (Roseate) is my kind of shade, just looking at it without trying it on, I knew I would love the rose hue. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shade. It’s very creamy and moisturising. One application is all I need for an intense colour.

Shiseido RD734

This is one lipstick I don’t need lip balm underneath as it feels so comfortably hydrating. It does leave stains on cups but the colour remains on the lips even after a drink. If I don’t have a meal, then the colour stays on without fading.

It’s a beautiful shade of rose which isn’t too strong. I won’t hesitate to give this one top marks for both colour and quality. It was definitely a case of love at first sight for me.

The Perfect Rouge lipsticks are 4g and priced at RM95.

Note : The Perfect Rouge was provided by Shiseido for review.