Off In A Jiffy With Mandom Cleansing Express


Anyone who applies eyeshadows or other eye makeup on a daily basis will find that they need eye makeup remover unless you’re using cleansing oils capable of removing all eye makeup. I’m one of those people who always prefer using a separate eye makeup remover even if I am using cleansing oil.

My favourite eye makeup remover so far is Mandom’s Cleansing Express. I can’t remember how many bottles of their Moist Cleansing Express I’ve purchased ever since they made their appearance in Watsons. From time to time, I also purchase from AEON Wellness whenever there’s a 15% discount.

Moist Cleansing Express

They are not eye makeup removers per se but rather cleansing water for the entire face. I’ve chosen to use them especially to remove eye makeup as they don’t irritate my eyes and are good value.

Recently, I spotted the Cleansing Express value pack for RM29.65 at Watsons, you get the Cleansing Express of your choice together with a 29ml trial size bottle of Cleansing Express Eye Makeup Remover (which I’d never tried before).

Cleansing Express Value Pack

There are 4 types of Cleansing Express which are in 300ml pump bottles, namely:-

1) MOIST which contains soy extract for deep moisturisation (suitable for dry and normal skin);

2) SEBUM which contains green tea extract for pore tightening (suitable for combination & oily skin);

3) AGECARE which contains Q10 for deep nourishment and hydration; and

4) BRIGHT UP which contains keratinocyte and saxifrage to remove dead skin cells and improve skin luminosity (suitable for dull skin). This one is the most recent addition to the range.

Due to the size of the Cleansing Express, it is too bulky to bring along when you’re travelling. It’s the stay-at-home type of cleanser. It’s an effective cleanser which sells well (looking at the number of bottles left at Watsons or AEON Wellness sometimes).

As it’s a water-based cleanser, there is no need for emulsifying and there’s no sticky residue. It’s an effective all over cleanser which doesn’t dry out my skin or leave any tightness after usage. The normal price is RM34.90.