Lighten Up With Clinique’s Derma White Clinical Brightening Essence


Ever since Clinique launched its Derma White Clinical Brightening Essence, I’d heard positive reviews of it from people who’d tried and tested it. It’s one of the products that my skin needed since I’ve had dark spots plaguing me for the longest time.

There were two reasons why I held back from jumping on the bandwagon. Firstly, I balked at having to pay RM260 for 30ml of essence (I understand there is now a 50ml size) even though it’s definitely not the most expensive brightening essence on the market, not by far. Secondly, I’d always believed that brightening skincare products were drying and I’d rather “suffer” dark spots than dry skin.

Once a year, Clinique comes out with skincare value sets which comprise of 3 products (mostly 15ml) for whichever skin concern you have, be it acne, lines and wrinkles, lack of hydration or hyperpigmentation. I’d purchased such sets before and they are really good value at RM40 but worth close to RM200 or more. The products came with a pretty pouch too.

Last year was no different but I wasn’t interested in any set other than the Derma White set which also happened to be the most worthwhile set (but still priced at RM40). The Derma White set was the last set to arrive at the counters, they only made their appearance after some of the other sets had been sold out.

Derma White Clinical Brightening Essence

The Derma White set comprised of 3x15ml of the Brightening Moisture Mask, Clinical Brightening Essence and City Block SPF40/PA+++. Just the 15ml Clinical Brightening Essence alone was worth RM130.

Having been in my storage of unused products for the past few months, I recently took out this set to try the Brightening Essence. I used it day and night on the dark spots on my cheeks (left cheek has more severe dark spots than right cheek).

When I purchase this set, the Clinique SA informed me that I’d probably have to use 30ml of the Brightening Essence before I’d see any results. I guess I could have purchased two sets which at RM80 would still have been cheaper than spending RM260 on 30ml of the Brightening Essence but I didn’t.

Intent on seeing some results, I didn’t skip applying the essence for 12 continuous days. I didn’t expect to see any results until 4 weeks as stated on the product description. However, to my surprise, there is a difference. I noticed that the dark spots on my cheeks have lightened in just 12 days.

It’s really surprising that it has worked so effectively in such a short span of time. Of course I wanted to see results but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the results only showed after I’d finished with the 15ml tube. I am really gobsmacked at the results.

Before Brightening Essence
12 Days Later

The essence does improve overall skin tone by gradually evening out the tone. It’s a pity I only bought one of the value sets! That’s one good reason for looking forward to this year’s value sets.