Naturals By Watsons Quinoa Hair Mask


dsc_3942Naturals By Watsons Quinoa Hair Mask is one of the later additions to the Naturals By Watsons hair care range. It looked like it’d be suitable for me since it’s for repairing and does my hair need repairing! I need every repairing hair mask I can lay me hands on. This one contains organic quinoa oil and quinoa extract from Peru so I had high hopes/expectations for this hair mask.

dsc_4220It’s quite thick and creamy, left it on for about half an hour for maximum effect. It’s easy to rinse off, some hair masks can remain in the hair even after multiple rinses. However as far as softening my hair is concerned, I felt that Watsons Rejuvenating Treatment Wax was better. Not that it doesn’t work but it doesn’t soften as much as the treatment wax which is actually cheaper and the amount more too.