Watsons Rejuvenating Treatment Wax


dsc_3475While browsing among the hair care products at Watsons, I’d always noticed Watsons Treatment Wax which comes in a few variations. However I’d pass on them because the tub is so bulky and heavy, it contains 500ml of what is essentially a hair treatment/mask. What if I didn’t like it or it wasn’t suitable for my hair or even worse, had no effect whatsoever on my hair? Nevertheless, when they offered 2 tubs of Treatment Wax at RM22, I couldn’t pass up this offer. The price was indeed very reasonable for such generous amounts of products in each tub.

dsc_3476The cover is a flip top so you actually don’t need to remove the entire cap. It looks like hair cream. Yes, it does have a waxy feel and is thick/concentrated. I left it on for an hour because I really wanted to see if my hair would be softened if I left it on as long as possible.

To my surprise after rinsing the hair wax, my hair did feel much softer and smoother. It had better effects on my hair than the Ahalo Butter mask which still left patches of rough hair. I’d say Watsons Rejuvenating Treatment Wax works better for me than any conditioner I’ve used recently and it’s so good that I feel like stocking up on a few more tubs just in case they discontinue the product!