Launch Of SOS : Surfing Out Stuff – A Book Of Growth & Guidance



Today, the Make It Right Movement and Faceberry Publications Sdn Bhd, a division of BAC Education Group, launched Zhariff Afandi’s debut as an author in support of his highly anticipated book, SOS : Surfing out Stuff – A Book of Growth & Guidance.

Through his many experiences and travels, Zhariff, 37, has experienced countless instances of true beauty in humanity. Yet something still nagged at him – it was clear that there was still contention to be combated. If some of us, at times, seemed too set in our ways with our minds made up, then the only way to address this is to share one’s experiences with another.

So, through the belief that humanity can always be positively inspired, Zhariff wrote SOS : Surfing out Stuff – A Book of Growth & Guidance. SOS embodies the goodness filled with substance and realness of a man who has steadily defied expectations – and whose story will inspire us to do the same. In many ways, this book is testament to him finally being able to let his life just be.

Readers will be able to pick up useful tools and knowledge of the inner-self, ikigai, self-actualization, visualization and such with inspiring stories that will move you to the core. The knowledge, understanding and perspective gained through reading this book will inspire you to start believing in yourself, to gravitate towards love and seek more of the vastness that exists.

“In my 50 years in education and public administration, never have I met such a strong willed young man who not only has the will and desire to survive, but to make his life mean something”, commented Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Arshad Ayub, Pioneer Educationist and Former Pro- Chancellor of University Technology Mara (UiTM). “I had to strive from a poor family to reach to where I am, and so he shows that it is not where you came from that is important, but to enjoy the journey and do the very best you can, and reach to where you are truly meant to be. If Zhariff can do it, you can do better,” he adds.

So, if you are stuck in a rut and think you can’t change, Zhariff encourages you to think again because you would be amazed by what you can actually do!

SOS: Surfing out Stuff – A book of Growth & Guidance is on sale now at all major bookstores in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei for only RM39.90. For more inquiries, please contact Zhariff at +6012 777 3601.