It’s Not Probably The Best Brewery Tour, It’s Definitely The Best Brewery Tour

Entrance to the brewery

Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.

Standing in front of the huge and tall Carlsberg sign @ Carlsberg Brewery

Before we were guided through Carlsberg Brewery, we were given a talk on safety precautions by our guide. We had to wait for a while for the rain to peter out in the Carlsberg Lounge as we couldn’t be walking in the rain. Part of the walk was unsheltered. We donned the bright orange vests so that we could be seen at all times within the brewery, not that we were in the slightest danger at any time but we must adhere to the safety SOPs to take the tour.

The 7 extremely tall silos housing the ingredients

One of the things we saw as we headed to the brewery (other than the massively tall Carlsberg sign) were the 7 ginormous silos housing the essential ingredients for all the drinks brewed by Carlsberg. We were not shown how the ingredients are loaded into the silos or how they are brought into the brewery but I am guessing it is all automated because I cannot imagine the manpower it would take for the process.

Entrance to the brewery

On the wall at the entrance to the brewery is a painting of elephants, 2 of them are immediately obvious while the other 2 are a little hidden (you have to look closely to spot them). It seems the founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen had a fascination for elephants and the logo has some connection to elephants’ features.


The 4 essential/main ingredients for brewing Carlsberg were on display inside the brewery, i.e. hops, wheat, yeast and malt.

The plaque signifying the opening of the brewery
Long infographic on Carlsberg and the other drinks under Carlsberg
Packaging area

We weren’t allowed into the packaging area of course for hygiene/safety reasons and could only view the area from above through a glass panel. Overall, the tour was very enlightening and interesting as we gleaned a lot of information on how Carlsberg is produced. Thanks to our extremely professional tour guide for making it such a fantastic tour.