Sakanoue Cafe @ LaLaport BBCC: Shaved Ice So Pretty That You Can’t Stop Taking Photos

Machi-san, owner/founder of Sakanoue Cafe

Sakanoue Cafe @ LaLaport BBCC held a special preview for invited guests this weekend but a fortnight or so earlier, I had the 1st preview/taste of this very unique Japanese shaved ice which originates from Tokyo and is founded by Machi-san who is currently at his latest outlet in LaLaport (their first international kakigori outlet). Previously, Sakanoue had a pop-up store in Singapore which drew long queues.

Sakanoue’s shaved ice has a parfait-like structure, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavours and textures in each layer. This is a dessert created by an artisan who is particular about its fluffy texture. Unlike Korean bingsu, the ice is topped with syrup. All their shaved ice looks unique and cute, especially the Panda shaved ice,

The ice Sakanoue uses is a special ice specially frozen over four days, similar to Japanese ice ‘junpyou’. The special ice is clear and hard to melt. Technology plays a large part in making Sakanoue’s shaved ice creations. The temperature control of the ice block, the adjustment of the blades, the amount of force used to form the ice, the way the syrup is poured and the utmost care used to create the best shaved ice. It’s recommended that photos be taken within 30 seconds of the shaved ice being served.

Sakura Mochi RM26

Sakura Shaved Ice is so pretty and my personal favourite. My first impression is the size, you can share with a friend but I’d rather not as it is too delicious and the best shaved ice ever. It consists of mochi sauce, whipped cream, sakura leaf flavour, ginger and strawberry compote. This is like a few desserts in one big bowl. It’s a magnificent creation which everyone should try at least once, it is a sight to behold.

Blow torching the Mango Passion Custard
Mango Passion Custard RM26

Now this one is special as it involves blow torching the Mango Passion Custard for a slightly crusty exterior. It consists of custard cream brulee, mango sauce, passion fruits, earl grey sauce and crumble cookies.

Cheese Berry Panda RM30

The Cheese Berry Panda has to be the cutest of Sakanoue’s Shaved Ice and the only one presented on a flat plate rather than a bowl like the other variations. This one has a camembert cheese flavour, whipped cream, berry sauce, crumble cookies, tamarind and yogurt. It has a mild sour taste because of the tamarind. Personally, I found drinking the melted ice even tastier and better than eating the unmelted shaved ice.

Grape Cheese Honey RM34

This is another Shaved Ice with camembert flavour, it contains yogurt cream, sweet grape, granola, special honey and pepper.

Machi-san presenting my Panda shaved ice
Group photo with Machi-san @ Sakanoue

Sakanoue’s Grand Opening is on May 1st – this is without a doubt the most premium and best shaved ice in KL. The price is indeed higher than the average shaved ice out there but this is no ordinary shaved ice. Sakanoue Shaved Ice definitely belongs in the ‘Extraordinary’ category. It’s unforgettable and so instagrammable.