Interview With Natalie Black, Star Of The Ultimate Tribute To Adele


Natalie Black was in Kuala Lumpur recently (17-19 October 2023) for The Ultimate Tribute to Adele at The Platform Performing Arts Theatre, Platform KEN-TTDI, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Thanks to Dato’ Nicholas Pinder of Homme Productions, presenter of The Ultimate Tribute to Adele, I had the opportunity to interview Natalie during her rehearsal at the theatre on 17 October 2023.

Can you tell us about your background in the music industry & how you came to perform The Ultimate Tribute to Adele?

Natalie: I started the show in 2012 performing in small venues. It took me a year to put the show together . I went to a showcase and all the UK agents were there. I spent 2 and a half years performing in restaurants and cafes in 5-star resorts in Tenerife and Greece.

Which countries have you performed in?

Natalie: I’ve performed in Dubai, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Bahrain.

Which countries will you be performing at in the near future?

Natalie: I’m going back to Dubai in December, then Mexico and India.

Where have you performed to the largest audience?

Natalie: The Pride Festival in Leeds, Yorkshire before 30k people.

What are some of your favourite memories about the Tribute Show?

Natalie: I performed at a big show in Malta where there were 10k people on the street, it was very surreal. I felt like the real Adele. There was a big poster on the motorway.

How do you prepare for each performance?

Natalie: I do vocal warm-ups, get 8 hours of sleep. Preparing curly hair takes 1.5 hours.

Tell us about the costumes for the show.

Natalie: Each costume costs 1,000 pounds.

How many songs do you prepare for each show?

Natalie: 21 songs. 10 songs for the 1st half and 11 songs for the 2nd half including the encore song.

How many times have you watched the real Adele perform?

Natalie: 3 times. Once in Manchester and twice in London. I tried to watch her perform in Las Vegas in March but there were no tickets.

What are your favourite Adele songs?

Natalie: Someone Like You (people cry when they hear this song), I Drink Wine and When We Were Young.

What are some of the challenges you have faced performing The Tribute Show?

Natalie: Driving around for 4 hours in the UK taking the equipment and working with a new sound person.

What would you like to say to Malaysian fans of Adele?

Natalie: Thank you for having me here, I am excited to perform and hope to discover the local culture and food.

Photo source for cover & 1st photo: Benedict Tan