Interview With Amanda Imani



Just before the launch of ZA’s Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Collection, there was an opportunity to have a chat with the new face of the brand, Amanda Imani. She is articulate, poised, confident, intelligent and very sweet. In a nutshell, she has all the qualities needed to represent a brand that has a vibrant and fresh image.

How long have you used ZA products?

Ever since I first started using makeup at the age of 16 so I’ve used ZA for 3-4 years now. ZA is accessible as it is available at drugstores. It’s also attractive as the packaging’s in pink, one of my favourite colours. The products are reasonably priced and of good quality. The makeup gives a light and innocent look with the infusion of a young and fresh concept. I like it as I am a simple girl when it comes to dressing up. The makeup keeps me looking nice and comfortable throughout the day. I’ve just graduated from college. ZA products are good for a girl on the go. For younger girls, there’s a good range of colours and products suit all skin types and tones.

What are your ZA favourites?

The Total Hydration skincare range. They cater to different skin types. My skin is combination-dry. The toner and moisturiser keeps me hydrated throughout the day. My favourite products from the range are the Amino Refreshing Gel and Deep Moist Cream. Together with the Cleanser, it’s an easy 3-step skincare routine, I like the green tea scent in the products as it calms me down especially at night. The Amino Refreshing Gel is my most favourite as it’s a fast hydrating booster.


Any favourite products from the ZA Spring/Summer 2013 Collection?

The Killer Volume Mascara. I’ve used all the ZA mascaras. The Killer Volume Mascara is waterproof and sweat-resistant.

I love the new eye shadow palettes (Eyes Groovy) as they have 4 colours you can play with. You can go natural or dramatic. You can also mix and match the eye shadow palettes. They have good pigmentation and the colours are subtle, natural and vibrant.

So far what’s it been like being the face of ZA Malaysia?

Today is my 1st day as the face of ZA Malaysia and I feel excited. I have been a big fan and fond user of the products. Being able to represent ZA is a life-changing experience. This is my 1st endorsement and I look forward to progressing with ZA and growing with them. Hopefully, my fans will use ZA too.

You obviously have a very busy schedule as an artiste. What product would you like to recommend to ladies who have similarly busy schedules, i.e. time-saving products?

It’s be the Two-Way Foundation as it has many functions in 1. It acts as a powder and foundation, use it dry if you want less coverage and wet if you want more coverage. It’s very handy for me as it evens out my skin tone even when I don’t apply anything else after it. It’s one of the most important products for me, it also helps retain the moisture of my skin.

Any message you’d like to pass on to your fans regarding ZA?

I have been posting makeup tutorials on Youtube and have fans asking me to show them how to do the makeup which I have on for my shows. I do my own makeup for my shows. With the help of ZA, my fans can also share what I have on.