Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector



This is the 4th product to join Clinique’s Even Better franchise in Malaysia, the others being the serum, foundation and concealer. The Even Better range targets uneven skin tones. According to Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist, Dr. David Orentreich, when the skin is more evenly toned, the result is a younger looking appearance.

Dark circles are among the top 3 eye concerns in Malaysia.They make people appear older than they actually are, haggard and tired. Dark circles are caused by many factors – emotional distress, lack of sleep, dehydration, inflammation, melanin deposits, accumulation of fluids, poor circulation and heredity traits. Dark eye circles afflict people of all ages and ethnicity so even if you are in your early 20s, you may have this eye concern.

It’s all very well to use concealers to cover up dark eye circles but this is just a temporary measure. It’s better to treat the problem and to address this, Clinique formulated the Even Better Eye Dark Circle Corrector. The product has a cooling tip applicator for massaging the under-eye area.


From day one, I’ve enjoyed using this product because of the cooling sensation it provides, if only for a few seconds. It’s recommended that any excess be lightly tapped into skin with our 4th finger after we’ve used the roller tip on skin. I don’t have serious dark eye circle concerns but I found that the roller tip helps reduce signs of puffiness. I guess it’s because of the micro-circulation when the applicator is in contact with my under-eye area. The massaging action breaks up fluid congestion.

Some of the key ingredients in the product are Vitamin C and Mulberry Root for minimizing the appearance of darkness, Caffeine and Green Tea extract for soothing and calming irritation from environmental aggressors and Whey Protein to promote skin’s natural collagen production.

It has Translucent Optics Technology, a blend of optics that helps capture light to immediately perfect and enhance skin’s natural tone and brighten the eye area. It is designed to work on all skin tones, from fair to deep.

I like the fact that my under-eye area feels very smooth after the product has absorbed into my skin. It makes an excellent base for concealers as they absorb much faster and better with a smooth surface. With continuous usage of Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, you might even need less concealer. I know I don’t find myself reaching for my concealers and brighteners as often since I started using Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector!

Retails at RM155/10ml.

Product is a press sample.