Hot Stone Massage At Amante


Bangsar is one of my favourite dining haunts and I don’t mean those high-end restaurants. I frequent Devi’s for breakfast and Nirvana Maju for lunch. It’s also an interesting area to scout around for waxing salons, facial and body massage services.

I’d known about Amante Nail Spa & Body Care for a few months now as I’d walked past one day after my breakfast at Devi’s and picked up one of their flyers which offered savings of 50% for purchases of RM300 and above in a single receipt but when I actually did pop by one day without an appointment, I found that they’d closed early so I didn’t go up to make my enquiries.

One thing led to another and by the time I actually did get round to making an appointment, it was by way of a Groupon purchase. Oh yes, these offers can be very tempting indeed but I have been much more selective ever since a facial at a salon located within a shopping mall left way too much to be desired.

I chose the Bangsar outlet for its central location and because I knew exactly where it is unlike the other outlets. When I went up a flight of stairs and presented my voucher at reception, I wasn’t asked to complete a registration form, that came after the massage.

After a 10 minute wait (I was 10 minutes early), I was ushered to one of the massage rooms (I understand there are 4) which leads to another room, a curtain separates the 2. Luckily, there was no other customer to “share” the space with the day I went as I dislike listening to other people’s chatter when I am having a facial/massage and I am sure it’s vice versa.

My therapist has been with Amante for 3+ years, previously with another Amante outlet. She has also worked at some other slimming centres so she has plenty of experience. As my massage was only for 1 hour, she suggested I only have my back massaged since she could feel my back needed more attention. I was happy with that suggestion since my back was sorely in need of more attention.

This was a much better hot stone massage than my previous one because during the one hour, the hot stones were used most of the time and they really helped ease my muscle tension. Although it was combined with massage from the therapist’s hands and elbows, I felt that the hot stones were used more and it could properly be called a “hot stone massage”.

Overall, the massage was very satisfying and I would more than likely have paid for extra time if I’d been offered. After the massage, I was offered a “Buy 1, Free 1” on minimum 5 services. Unfortunately, the 50% savings offer printed on their flyer wasn’t available to me any more as I was no longer a 1st time customer otherwise I would have taken up another hot stone massage and tried their waxing services.