Shower Gels With That FGF


This set of shower gels is my festive season purchase from The Body Shop. Last November, they had a similar promotion offering a shower gel with a shampoo. This year, the offer is “Buy 1. Free 1” Shower Gels but only for Satsuma and Mango Shower Gel Sets.

Although my favourite TBS Shower Gel is Olive, like a lot of other people I know, I am never averse to trying other scents as long as I think they are to my liking. The Satsuma seems to have a stronger scent than the Mango and really reminds me of years past when my family would purchase boxes of satsumas in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Both Shower Gels lather up very nicely when used with a shower puff. These days, I use a shower puff with any shower gels to maximise the products. Just as I thought, the Satsuma Shower Gel does have a stronger scent even when it is transformed into foam.

Although there is an artificiality to the scents, I don’t mind. After all, these are not terribly expensive bath products so that is only to be expected. They both cleanse very well but I the scents don’t last for long on my skin. What might FGF be? Well, I think both Shower Gels have that “feel-good-factor” because they appeal to my sight and scent senses.

The Shower Gel Sets are priced at RM35.