Haven’t Become A Couch Potato But Had To Watch Episode 2 Of Belgravia


belgravia-fanartNot that I have spent that much time watching online drama series but the one I really must watch is Belgravia which I featured a few days ago. The Trenchard and Brockenhurst households could have been in-laws if their children had survived 26 years ago. However they are still connected to each other as the daughter of the Trenchard family died in childbirth leaving behind a son who was put up for adoption. The son known as Charles Pope is the grandson of the Earl and Countess of Brockenhurst who have no other children since their one and only son (heir to the Earldom) died in Brussels in 1815 during the war between the English and French.

Finally Anne Trenchard has set up a meeting to inform Lady Brockenhurst about the grandson she never knew existed. Back in those days, you would have to write to each other even though you were living not far away from each other to inform them about anything. In this drama, we get an insight into the servants of both households. Some of them are downright gossipy and dishonest as they steal food from the kitchens to be sold.

Lady Brockenhurst is angry and full of disbelief when Anne Trenchard informs her that her son staged a marriage with Sophia Trenchard. Nevertheless she is curious enough to get more information from Anne as to the whereabouts of Charles Pope and visits him at his office. Charles intends to invest in the cotton industry and Lady Brockenhurst informs him that she could be an investor in his business.

Enter the Earl of Brockenhurst’s brother, wife and son who are always asking him for money. The brother and his son (John Belliasis) are the heir presumptives to the Earldom. The Countess of Brockenhurst has not informed the Earl that they have a grandson. The Countess invites Charles to her dinner party and when she introduces Charles to his maternal grandparents, the Trenchards, it appears Charles and maternal grandfather know each other as James Trenchard has helped Charles set up business. This is much to the astonishment of Anne as she had no idea her husband had been liaising with their grandson.

John Belliasis is flirting with Susan Trenchard, daughter-in-law of James and Anne. Susan is a social climber as she is always asking Anne to take her along to meet the aristocracy. John Belliasis is set to be engaged to Lady Maria Grey who happens to know a lot about the cotton industry and about India. She meets Charles Pope and they have a little exchange about these topics. This makes Charles quite fascinated with her.

Can’t wait till next week’s episode.