Boredom Survival Guide During MCO Courtesy Of Shopee Malaysia


The two-week long Movement Control Order (MCO) has been implemented by the Malaysian government as a measure to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. With MCO in place, the rakyat were asked to #dudukrumah or stay put at home, and do not wander out of home unnecessarily.

Malaysians now spend most or all of their time at home, and for some, the boredom is beginning to really get to their heads. Shopee then asked around to find out how others are keeping themselves occupied, and here are some tips to keep you busy and connected to the outside world!

1. Virtually bridging the social distance


Malaysians have been told to practice social distancing, but how do you do that when you want to stay connected with loved ones? Do what most offices are doing! Video call your loved one. Our favourite apps that are both mobile and desktop-friendly are Skype and Zoom. Despite being told to stay home, what’s stopping you from being creative and organising virtual yumcha and mamak sessions at home via video calls?

Skype’s group video chat now allows up to 50 users in one call. You can also try out Zoom that is able to host up to 100 participants in a call! Only catch is that you will have to refresh after 40 minutes if you are not a premium account holder.

2. #Foodoftheday


Are you bored of home-cooked meals and have food cravings that need to be satisfied? Fret not, as the food delivery services are still running! Both GrabFood and foodpanda are still delivering orders to your doorstep. Be it a bubble tea break or a hearty meal, you name it, they will deliver it. During the MCO period, the food delivery companies are giving their users free delivery service. For GrabFood, apply code FREEDEL to enjoy free delivery with a min spend of RM28. For foodpanda, it is free delivery for all and you can apply code PANDAPAL to enjoy 30% savings off your order. T&Cs apply.

3. Shopping safely from home


Window shopping has never felt easier and comfortable. Browse from a very long list of items from across various categories from e-commerce platforms such as Shopee. The online shopping platform recently announced that business is as usual for them, and are working closely with brands, partners and suppliers to continue delivering daily necessities and shopping needs to Malaysians. On 27 March and 4 April, there will be attractive items on sale for only RM0.44!

4. Get pop-cultured


Why not take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your family or find out who’s the up-and-coming actor? Catch up on movies or that series your friends have been raving on about (read: Crash Landing on You) on Netflix. Stream Netflix for unlimited movies and TV shows on your phone, tablet, laptop and TV with packages starting from RM17 a month.

5. Keep fit

Whatever happened to that year-end resolution to start exercising and lose weight? Time to dust off that yoga mat and start off with some simple stretching workouts. There are a tonne of free tutorials available on YouTube.

Alternatively, if you already have or are planning on getting yourself a Nintendo Switch, here’s one more reason to get it. Enjoy fitness games on the Switch such as Just Dance 2020,  Zumba Burn It Up! or Fitness Boxing to sweat it out!