Dior Addict Lipstick 368 Pink Cherie


What! A Dior review on Juniper’s Journal? Some of you may be rubbing your eyes in disbelief since I’ve only done one other Dior posting so far. Pinch me, I can’t believe it myself but just about every product that passes through my hands gets reviewed sooner or later. Well, seeing is believing but if you are bothered & bewildered, let me hasten to say it is highly unlikely there will be frequent Dior reviews here and even more unlikely that there will ever be a Dior category so how come I am reviewing a Dior product then? As it happens, there are times when I also win something in giveways so yes, this is a giveaway prize courtesy of Malaysian Women’s Weekly.

So since this is a giveaway prize, you take what you’re given and in this case, it’s Dior Addict Lipstick 368 Pink Cherie. Before I even opened the box, I already knew I wouldn’t like the colour. Pink Cherie, that told me everything. It’d be a sickening looking shade of pink and I was right.

Definitely not my kind of colour, not by a mile. I don’t think this shade is for everyone anyway. Those with darker skin tones would probably look washed out in it. Never mind them, even I felt like I looked ghastly pale and sick with this shade on my lips.

It goes on very sheer and although the colour is buildable achieving a higher degree of opaqueness, the colour doesn’t do anything for me. It’s not the kind of colour that’ll make me want to jump up and down on a couch shouting “I Love this Dior Addict Lipstick!”.

The texture though is not bad as it applies very smoothly and feels extremely moisturising and softens lips. There is a hint of shimmer within the colour, doesn’t do much to improve how I feel about the shade. Actually, as the colour fades gradually within a few hours of wear, the shimmer remains. Definitely have to re-apply the colour after a light meal. The more I see the colour, the more I hate it. It might work for some but for me, it was a waste of my time going all the way to Damansara Uptown to collect it.