Sizing Up Samples : Aupres Time Lock Solution



These are the samples the very nice and non-pushy Aupres Beauty Advisor at Parkson KLCC presented to me early last month. Time Lock Solution is Aupres’ anti-aging range to help solve fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin caused by the aging process. It is formulated with multiple active ingredients (e.g. basil leaves extract and hydrolyzed yeast extract) for collagen stimulation, firming skin and improving skin elasticity.

Of course these being samples, they won’t be improving my skin elasticity so I can only tell you what I like (or not like) about the products. Actually, there isn’t anything I dislike about them. I do like the Vitalizing Cleansing Foam (125g/RM70) as it produces a satisfactory amount of foam.

I don’t have much to say about the Vitalizing Lotion (170ml/RM110) other than I think it is quite pricey for this brand. At that kind of price, I might as well be buying Laneige Power Essential Refiner which is more or less the same price but looks a lot better in a glass bottle and is one of my favourite toners.

The Vitalizing Emulsion (130ml/RM115) is their moisturiser and smells a whole lot nicer than the Pureness Bright Refining Emulsion as it doesn’t have a chemical scent and smells quite similar to Shiseido emulsions.