Define Food @ The Boulevard Mid Valley City


dsc_2599Every time I cross the link bridge between Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall, I’d look over at Define Food and wonder what the food is like. I wondered no more about 2 weeks ago when I was invited to lunch there by my host who seemed to have read my mind. In their facebook, the restaurant is described as “a place where delicious and high quality European comfort food is available in a hip, contemporary, and stylish atmosphere”.

dsc_2603For starters, we shared Hand-Breaded Atlantic Crab Cakes @ RM48. This is 100% Crab Meat, Citrus Yoghurt Swirl, Mango Salsa. This is one of those pricey starters (even more expensive than my main course) on a very large plate. I’ve read somewhere that if the plate is large and the quantity is small, then you might eat less. I don’t think my stomach will agree with that. Anyway, I won’t say it was excellent but it was good. I think we would have got more value out of other starters such as The Trio @ RM35 which consists of Chicken Bites with Gochujang Dip, Battered Octopus with Sriracha Mayo and Deep Fried Onion Rings with Garlic Confir Aioli OR Caesar Salad @ RM27 which would have got us the usual Romaine plus Smoked Duck and Quail Egg (I have a feeling that would have been nice or should I say nicer than Hand-Breaded Atlantic Crab Cakes which were probably that expensive because the crab was from the Atlantic?

dsc_2604My dining companion who’d been to Define before liked the SaltedDuck Eg Pasta @ RM35, this has Salted Duck Egg Emulsion, Curry Leaves, Smoked Duck and Salted Duck Egg Crumble. I had a spoonful just to taste and it is creamy and rich. The sauce is very concentrated.

dsc_2606I had the Salmon Rosé Pasta @ RM38. I thought the price reasonable for the amount and the quality of the ingredients such as Traditional Smoked Salmon, Salmon Cubes, Tomato Cream and Shaved Grana Padano. There was a good amount of the shaved cheese and I appreciate the fact that the tomato cream wasn’t runny. A very satisfying and filling main course and I love the Smoked Salmon as well as the Salmon Cubes.

dsc_2609The Crème Brûleé @ RM18 wasn’t too sweet and came with enough strawberries.

dsc_2611The Salted Duck Egg Ice Cream Waffle @ RM28 is a must-try simply because you can’t possibly find salted duck egg ice cream just anywhere. I love salted duck egg but must say this is a dessert to be shared because 2 scoops of this ice cream is just too rich! Again plenty of strawberries, so it is worth the price.