Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum Express Facial



I was back to the Biotherm facial cabin at Robinson’s for the complimentary Biothern Aquasource Deep Serum Express Facial. The previous therapist had left but her replacement is just as nice and friendly. Generally, I like the service from Biotherm counter staff very much as they never give me a funny look when I ask for sample and they are always generous to me.

The Aquasource Deep Serum Express Facial doesn’t include extraction and is a half-hour session but the therapist was so kind to stretch my session to an hour by giving me more massage time. Her massage techniques were really good as I felt like my skin was being firmed up. After the cleansing and scrub, she placed the steam machine over my face to open up pores before she proceeded to apply the new Aquasource Deep Serum and Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel on my face for the massage.

Deep Serum’s next-generation formula captures 3–times the concentrations of Aquasource’s regenerating Pure Thermal Plankton Cellular Water and ultra-moisturizing Mannose, creating an Aquasource elixir to deliver deep hydration in the refined texture of a serum. This serum is formulated with micro-pearls, diffusing light throughout the skin for a radiant complexion.



The next step was applying the Source Therapie Mask which is a sheet mask for hydration. The mask felt so cool because of the air-con, it wasn’t kept in the fridge. After 15-20 minutes, there was still so much serum on the mask. The therapist used the excess on my neck and chest.

For an express facial, this was pretty good despite there being no extraction. It always helps to receive a hydration boost at the hands of professionals every now and then. I keep going back to Biotherm Robinson’s because I love the service there.