Balinese Massage From The Real McCoy


After my facial at Zen Beaute more than a week ago, I did make an appointment for their Balinese massage which was 1.5 hours long and came with a body scrub. What sealed the deal was that the masseuse was from Denpasar, Bali. For once, this was the real deal. It wasn’t going to be Balinese massage by a lady from Surabaya, Bandung, Tawau or Balikpapan. Ok, I admit I made up Balikpapan since I’ve never met a masseuse from Kalimantan.

When I made the appointment, I wasn’t aching all over. I just wanted to try the massage, that’s all. However, a few days before my appointment, every sinew, muscle, ligament and joint started aching. My neck hurt, my shoulders were crying out for a massage. I’d spent too many hours for my own good in front of the laptop. After one gets to a certain age (whoever said age is just a number obviously never suffered from sore muscles), body massages become a necessity more than a luxury.

The body scrub was kind of rough, it certainly wasn’t as gentle as I’d expected and I didn’t particularly enjoy that part. After that, I had to hop in the shower which is situated outside the room and it’s just a shower unit within the loo. No-frills, all right!

Then began the treatment proper. The masseuse used ginger oil on my lower body and lemongrass oil on my upper body. She used her fingers, palms, elbows to bring some relief to my sore body. My thighs also needed a massage evidently.

This Balinese masseuse already has 5 years’ experience, 4 of them at another salon. I knew that when she started massaging my shoulders that I’d hear the “crick-crick” sound and I was right. I’m sorely in need of a weekly massage these days!

Overall, an excellent massage from the real McCoy, I can finally say I got a Balinese massage from someone who hails from the island itself. The massage cost RM38 as it was a 1st trial with an option to purchase 5 more sessions at RM58 each (n/p RM68).