If Only Rainbows Were Made Of These Colours

L to R – Demolition, Woodstock, Radium, Bobby Dazzle, Revolver, Retrogade, Siren, El Dorado, Smog, Perversion, Sabbath

Liquid eyeliners look great on a lot of people but I have an aversion to using them as I haven’t got the steadiest of hands. I do think that liquid eyeliners generally look better than pencil eyeliners. Urban Decay’s 24/7 liquid eyeliners come in 11 gorgeous shades, the colours of the tubes pretty much reflect the colours inside.

These liquid eyeliners are seriously pigmented, they are mostly sparkly although there are a few mattes. They go on quite wet but dry fast so that another eyeliner shade can be layered on top, if need be. With their ultra-fine tip, they are relatively and reasonably easy to apply even for a complete liquid eyeliner amateur like me.

L to R – Demolition, Woodstock, Radium, Bobby Dazzle, Revolver, Retrogade
L to R – Siren, El Dorado, Smog, Perversion, Sabbath

With these liquid eyeliners, I have messed up a few times. I did say I was an eyeliner amateur. Some of them are easier to apply than others. My favourite shades are Siren, Radium and Retrogade. These 3 are strong, intense colours.

The following are the 11 light-reflecting, glossy shades:-

  • Bobby Dazzle – sparkly, bright pearl
  • Demolition – deep, matte brown
  • El Dorado – sparkly, canary gold
  • Perversion – carbon black
  • Radium – bright, sparkly blue
  • Retrogade – glittery, deep purple
  • Revolver – sparkly, dark grey
  • Sabbath – deep, matte navy blue
  • Siren – sparkly, mermaid tail blue/green
  • Smog – sparkly, golden medium brown
  • Woodstock – sparkly hot pink













For those who are like me, i.e. like the look of liquid eyeliners but have yet to master the technique of using them, Urban Decay has some tips for drawing the perfect line:-

  • For a precise liquid line, lean elbow on mirror – prevents shaking! Then, it’s all in the wrist!
  • Draw down into the lashes so that the upper side of the line is perfect and smooth.































It’s actually rather fun to mix-and-match the colours, I have used them two at a time so that there is a contrast. They’re so waterproof that there was no smudging even after my sweltering session in a sauna. They’ll definitely last the whole day and night.

Available at Sephora outlets, they are 1.7ml and retail at RM75 each.

Note : The products were provided by PR for this review.