Unico Soothing & Hydrating Bio Cellulose Mask of Love



Yes, now Bag Of Love has its own mask in collaboration with Unico – this is a Soothing & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask. Bio-Cellulose masks are made of fermented plant fibres which adhere closely to the face with more effective absorption of ingredients into skin. This mask has key ingredients of Phyto H.A. (a plant derived alternative to Hyaluronic Acid with excellent moisturizing properties), Cactus (a powerful antioxidant), Honey (antibacterial and soothing) and Lavender (calming).

mask of love

When I applied the mask, it had an immediate soothing effect and definitely had a better fit to my face than sheet masks. This one didn’t have the soaked with serum effect as most sheet masks although it felt no less hydrating. Generally, I find gel textured masks like this one to be more fitting and less likely to flap around during application.

For more information, please visit Unico’s website. Mask retails at 3 for RM57 (RM19 each).


  1. Bio Cellulose mask is very hydrating and it is a really rave now. Just that it is generally more expensive compare to other type of mask. One can DIY it with a type of sheet but I couldn’t find it at all =( . So, couldn’t tell which one is cheaper and better.