The Burberry Scarf Bar


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The Burberry Scarf Bar is a celebration of Burberry’s iconic, cashmere scarves all made in Scotland. Available globally in-store and online, the Scarf Bar will offer a complete range of heritage and lightweight scarves made from the finest quality cashmere renowned for its feather-light weight and silky feel. Assisted by Burberry’s experienced luxury retail teams, customers will be able to explore new and iconic designs that can be personalised and monogrammed to create their very own unique Burberry icon.


.         The Scarf Bar launches globally on 2nd September 2015.

.         The Scarf Bar will offer customers our full range of classic andlightweight cashmere designs, made in Scotland.

.         Customers can choose everything from the colour and print featured on the scarf to the thread colour as part of the personalised monogramming service.

.         Launching with a new range of colours and prints as well as a variety of thread colours for monogramming, customers can choose from over 7,000 options to create their Burberry scarf exactly the way they want it.

.         As part of the monogramming service, customers can create their own scarf from a selection of over 30 colours, in classic and lightweight cashmere, including the iconic heritage shades.

.         In addition customers can choose from two font sizes to monogram their scarves with up to 3 letters in over 30 shades of thread.

The Burberry Scarf Bar - Classic Cashmere Scarve_001


.         The scarves are available in two weights – classic and lightweight cashmere and a wide variety of colours, checks and seasonal prints.

.         A selection of solid colour scarves is available in runway-inspired animal, camouflage and heart prints.

.         All prints and designs are created in-house and are available for monogramming.

.         Each scarf is made of 100% cashmere and carefully woven on a traditional loom, then washed in the fresh local waters of Elgin and Ayr and finished by skilled craftspeople using expert methods passed down through generations.

.         To ensure a super-soft feel, our classic cashmere scarf is brushed to produce a surface pile. The luxurious ripple finish is achieved by brushing with natural teasels.

.         Burberry’s delicate, lightweight design is pressed and lightly steamed after weaving to give the cashmere a soft hand-feel finish.

The lightweight cashmere scarf designs include:

.         Check in a choice of 5 colours

.         Solid colour in a choice of 33 colours

.         Solid colour with a runway-inspired print, including animal and camouflage prints

104. Heart Print Cashmere Scarf - Plum Pink_Stone

The Classic Cashmere Scarf in Check and Hearts - Parade Red

The Classic Cashmere Scarf in Check and Dots - Dark Forest Green

The Lightweight Cashmere Scarf in Animal Print - Camel

Scarves are available for men, women and children.


.         The Burberry Scarf Bar is available in-store and on globally

.         The monogramming service is carried out through, with all scarves made and personalised in the UK, for delivery from two days to three weeks depending on the delivery location

.         Customers will be able to choose their scarf with the assistance of a specialist in-store or online through live chat offering a personalized service and styling advice