Thai Millennium @ Parkson Food Court Maju Junction



Isn’t it a nice feeling to find relatively inexpensive good meals in unexpected places? I’ve never been much impressed with the food at food courts here unlike those I have sampled in Bangkok. One of the best tom yam I have had was at the MBK food court and such a huge bowl too for a fraction of the price here.

Last weekend, I was at Parkson Food Court Maju Junction, 1st time there. By the way, parking charges are a serious deterrent to future visits as it’s RM5 flat rate on weekends and public holidays. That would be reasonable if there was a lot to see and do in Maju Junction but one hour is all I need there and that includes lunch at the food court.

Prices at the food court are not as high as at other mall food courts which perhaps explains why there were many Sogo staff at this food court. They were swarming around a stall that sells fried rice, generous portions at around RM6. That kind of price is truly value-for-money especially nowadays where one is hard pressed to find anything value-for-money.


There’s a stall in the food court called Thai Millennium and they sell a few dishes like Thai Nasi Kerabu with Budu Fish Sauce/RM9.90, Thai Otak-Otak with Rice and Hard Boiled Egg/RM9.90, Stuffed Tauhu with Chicken 4 pcs/RM8.90, Thai Laksa with Creamy Fish Curry/RM9.90, Thai Belacan Rice/RM9.90.

I ordered the Thai Otak-Otak with Rice and Hard Boiled Egg which comes with 2 Otak-Otak parcels. Not the best Otak-Otak I have had but not the worst either. Some cafes serve worse Otak-Otak than this one and at higher prices too.

The food court was not crowded as one would expect on a weekend. Could it be that people would rather pay this kind of parking charge at Sogo where there are a lot more things to do and see?