Sunplay ‘We Care For The Ocean 2022’ Cleans 7 Beaches In The Klang Valley & Its Vicinity


1-group-photo-of-sunplay-mns-volunteersSunplay, the leading sunscreen brand in Malaysia in collaboration with Watsons and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), have successfully cleaned up 7 beaches in the Klang Valley and its vicinity within two months in conjunction with its ‘We Care for the Ocean 2022’ beach cleaning CSR campaign.

The beach cleaning activities were carried out from early September until November this year, at the following beaches: Pantai Bagan Lalang, Pantai Kelanang, Pantai Morib Baharu, Pantai Remis and Pantai Batu Laut in Selangor as well as Pantai Cermin and Pantai Cahaya Negeri in Port Dickson. 1,348kg of trash were collected from all 7 beaches.

RM40,000 was raised for the beach cleaning initiative from 8th until 28th September 2022 with RM1 from the sales proceed of each Sunplay product sold in Watsons.

volunteers-at-pantai-cahaya-negeri-5volunteers-at-pantai-cerminvolunteers-at-pantai-kelanang-2General Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum, Lim Mei Yuen expressed gratitude to members of the public who have supported this campaign either by purchasing Sunplay products or by volunteering for the beach cleaning.

“Sunplay ‘We Care for the Ocean’ CSR campaign is its 2nd year running. This is our long term commitment towards the goal of spreading awareness on the hazardous disposal of waste towards marine lives. We aim to protect the ocean’s health and preserve healthy marine ecosystem,” she said.

“Malaysia is in the top 10 countries that contribute the most of plastic marine debris in the ocean. Therefore, the beach cleaning effort is important as it will help reduce plastic wastes from floating into the open ocean,” added Lim.

Other than aiming to provide the best sun protection for consumers, Sunplay believes in paving a sustainable environment for the future generation. Sunplay ‘We Care for the Ocean’ CSR campaign is one of the brand’s initiatives to contribute to the environment.

/>Executive Director of MNS, Mr. I.S.Shanmugaraj said that the collaboration with Sunplay and Watsons has enabled them to widen their outreach to the public in educating them about sustainability and the importance of beach cleanup.

“Apart from collecting trash scattered along the beaches, we also want to educate our volunteers about the dire condition of our sea and ocean because of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution affects the marine ecosystem by reducing the ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change. And this will impact food production capabilities and the livelihood of people,” he said.

Sunplay hopes its ‘We Care for the Ocean’ annual campaign will impart knowledge on the importance of cleanliness, conservation, and sustainability. With this campaign, the brand aspires to help maintain cleaner beaches, allowing people to have fun in the sun while staying protected with its leading sunscreen products.

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