Sunplay Ultra Shield High SPF & PA SPF130PA++++


sunplayPersonally, I don’t see the need for sunscreen with SPF beyond 50PA but for comfort of mind, I guess some go for sunscreens with higher SPF especially if they are going to be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time but I appreciate a sunscreen for face and body such as Sunplay Ultra Shield High SPF & PA SPF130PA++++.

Sunplay Ultra Shield High SPF & PA SPF130PA++++ contains 7 UV filters that does not break down or degrade easily under the sun while the Hyaluronic Acid within provides skin with moisturisation. The ‘Watery Liquid’ formulation is lightweight, non-greasy and transparent on skin. It is fast-absorbing, fragrance-free and water-resistant.


Has a very fluid, milky consistency which doesn’t leave a whitish cast on skin nor does it melt even under very humid conditions. This little bottle lasts a long time because I don’t need much for each application.

Product reviewed is a press sample