Staying Active And Agile With Anlene UHT Milk


dsc_2814When you get to a certain age, your joints start to creak

As you walk up the stairs to the train station every morning

That’s when you realise your body needs a tweak

Because every fibre of your being is sending you a warning

dsc_2818Thank God there’s Anlene UHT Milk which helps you move more freely

With more collagen, protein and high calcium, this is the milk all ages need

Anlene UHT cares for my joints, bones and muscles so I drink it daily

It’s the milk that helps me move up those stairs with speed

dsc_2853Staying active and agile is not a problem when there’s Anlene UHT Milk to help

Available in chocolate or plain, this milk gives my body a much needed boost

Before I discovered Anlene UHT Milk, going up the stairs I would yelp

With Anlene UHT Milk, my body feels spruced

dsc_2816So look out for Anlene’s roving trucks at several locations

When trying Anlene UHT Milk, I guarantee you will have no regrets

As your body will have better sensations

Stop at one of Anlene’s roving trucks for a sample you must collect!