SPLAT Lavendersept Bio-Active Toothpaste


splat-lavendersept-bio-active-toothpasteIf you are looking for toothpaste with natural ingredients, you may want to consider SPLAT which has many varieties of toothpaste. One of them is SPLAT Lavendersept Bio-Active Toothpaste, fluoride-free, vegan-friendly and 99+% natural. Ingredients include lavender, rosemary and thyme essential oils to maintain healthy gums. Natural papaya enzymes and Dissolvine bleaching salts gently whiten enamel, leaving it perfectly clean and smooth. Calcium phosphate reduces hypersensitivity.

This toothpaste feels quite mild and the nicest feature is that it is a light purple, I guess lavender shade which is very nice since most toothpaste is white. The scent is not strong but leaves breath smelling fresh.

SPLAT Lavendersept Bio-Active Toothpaste retails at RM18.90/100ml.