Shopping Madness 11 On 11street And I’m On My Shopping Spree There


screenshot_20181108-213122Like most other people, I am anticipating the propitious date of 11.11 as that’s when you get quite a lot of bargains online so I am stalking the usual online shopping websites. However what I really need are hair products as I’ve neglected the (proper) care of my hair for far too long and it’s about time to rectify the damage I’ve caused to my hair by too many chemical treatments. Better late than never, I say. So as 11street is having a “Shopping Madness 11” where there’re bargains galore. I’ve decided to get myself a hair hood steamer just like what they use in salons.

screenshot_20181108-213139This hair hood steamer on 11street comes at a very good price as I have compared the price to other online shopping websites and RM207.45 is the cheapest I could find. Moreover, there’s free shipping which is very important for keeping costs down. Very soon I will be able to use this steamer with my hair masks and this will hopefully ensure healthier and softer hair all the time.

screenshot_20181108-213200screenshot_20181108-213221Next I am getting the Yoko Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask which looks like it can do good things for my hair with these key ingredients:

Avocado Oil
Is rich in Vitamin A, D and E and amino acids, all of which is extremely essential for strengthening the hair’s natural resistance, moisturizing, nourishing and increasing the elasticity of your hair.

Is considered a semi-essential amino acid penetrating deep down into hair, which helps strengthen and improve hair condition for healthy look and weighty.

Vitamin E
Nourishes and moisturizes your hair and scalp, as well as prevents damage from UV rays and pollutants.

screenshot_20181108-213246screenshot_20181108-213305Last but not least, I am getting Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Warming Treatment as it sounds interesting since it generates a mild heat during application which should open cuticles.

Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Warming Treatment has a jungle oil complex which consists of Pracaxi fruit and Brazilian nuts, said to be rich in antioxidants. There’s also argan oil, camellia oil and other nutrient-rich oils combined with the special warming formula to help hair become smooth and healthy.

Having browsed through all the beauty and wellness deals on 11street, I think my choices are quite good. Can’t wait for the products to arrive on my door step!