Ending My Mask Shopping Spree With The Nicest Ones


dsc_8747When the MCO started on 18th March 2020, I didn’t begin buying fabric masks immediately. I started with the disposable 3-ply masks as I hadn’t discovered the fabric ones which were actually already available then. After I bought a few batches of disposable ones. I found so many nice fabric ones, mostly inexpensive. The cheapest ones I have seen are RM5 and I don’t buy anything over RM10.

I have lost count of how many fabric masks I have bought on Shopee Malaysia but I know I have bought from almost every state in West Malaysia – Johor, Melaka, Terengganu, Perak, Kelantan, Penang. I found the latest masks which arrived yesterday quite late as almost all her masks had sold out. I was lucky to get these, some of them are the last ones. They are RM5 each and really great value.

dsc_8750Bright and colourful, they are such a good fit and extremely comfortable. The seller is very nice and responsive as I have chatted with her both before and after delivery. I have told her that her masks are beautiful and that I hope she restocks soon as I intend to repurchase her other masks which have since sold out. I didn’t expect these masks to be so lovely – they look even nicer IRL than on the seller’s page. For now, I think my mask shopping spree has to stop as I have too many!