Finally The Much Needed Hair Makeover


dsc_8746Having messy and uncontrollable hair can really affect one’s mood. My hair was getting rather grey at the roots after a month into MCO. By the second month, I had never seen my hair that grey before. When hair salons were allowed to reopen, I guess everyone was calling their hair stylists immediately. Mine contacted me first and said there were already 3 people who had made appointments with her on 10th June morning so I chose to go on 11th morning.

She had stacks and stacks of disposable plastic coverings for customers, of course the obligatory temperature taking of her, her staff and all customers before registering details into a book. No long procedures allowed, everything had to be finished within an hour. A quick touch-up of hair roots okay. I was in need of rebonding but that would take at least 2.5-3 hours together with colouring.