samsung-galaxy-buds2-for-white-valentines_visualDid you know it’s a special love day on the 14th of every month in South Korea? In addition to the well-known February 14th, Valentine’s Day, couples in South Korea will celebrate their relationship monthly with themed dates, gifts, and foods. There are different themes each month such as Diary Day in January for journaling their dates together, White Day in March for white gifts, Rose Day in May for celebrating spring season and so on. It’s such an adorable culture, why not join in on the fun and celebrate love together every 14th of the month?

White Valentine’s Day is coming up on March 14th! People often reciprocate gifts and love on White Day to those who have given them on Valentine’s Day. So, if you have received any presents from a loved one a month ago, it’s about time you return the favour.

Finding the perfect present to fully express your affection can be challenging. Especially, if your partner has very specific taste, such as being a music fan. It’s tricky to figure out the tools they’ll like. But, fret not; you’ve come to the right place for the perfect gift idea to satisfy all music lovers: the Galaxy Buds2!

Fun fact, it is a tradition on White Day for gifts to be white like marshmallows, a nice contrast to the popular pink and red heart themes seen on Valentine’s Day. The exterior of all Galaxy Buds2 Series’ cases are White in colour so, it’s just right for the occasion! Don’t worry, if you’d prefer to get a more colourful present for your sweetheart. With the Galaxy Buds2, you can still stay relevant to the White Day concept while gifting something colourful as the interior of the Galaxy Buds2 Series comes in four distinct colours – Lavender, Olive, Graphite and White.

Ultimately, it is important to believe in yourself and choose something from the heart. A solid pair of White Galaxy Buds2 could never go wrong. It’s suitable for everyone.

Have you ever gifted or received a gift on March 14th?

Celebrate White Valentine’s Day this year by gifting your loved one a pair of Galaxy Buds! Shop here:

[1] Features including Active noise canceling and Ambient sound require a Bluetooth® connection. Advanced settings and features including Ambient sound volume are enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app on Android and Galaxy Buds PC app on Windows. Galaxy Wearable app on Android requires Android 7.0 or above and 1.5GB RAM or above, available through the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. Galaxy Buds PC app requires Windows 10 or above, available through Microsoft Store.

[2] Active noise canceling on Galaxy Buds2 received UL Verification for cutting external background noise by up to 98 percent.