Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Acts As A Nail Moisturiser Too


dsc_8809When you can’t get to the manicurist or if it has to be closed for a few months, the next best thing is to use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. This is a gel formula that features Chamomile and Aloe and is gentle on cuticles. It helps break down excess cuticles in just 15 seconds.

Whenever you  don’t have time to visit the nail salon or you can’t get the appointment you want, this Instant Cuticle Remover gets rid of unwanted cuticles. Squeeze a thin strip of Instant Cuticle Remover around cuticles and under nail tips. After 15 seconds, gently push back cuticles with a manicure stick wrapped in cotton. Wash off excess productimmediately and thoroughly with warm, soapy water. To remove calluses, apply to skin for 1 minute. Do not leave on longer than 1 minute. Proceed to wash area with warm, soapy water.

Other than removing cuticles, it also has a hydrating effect on nails so if you have dry nails like mine, this is a useful nail care product.