People Are Still Bringing Their Masks Down To Their Chin Despite All The Health Advice


img-20200717-wa0002There’s something I just don’t understand about people wearing masks. In just about every eatery I visit, whether to dine-in or takeaway, there are people at the tables with their masks down to their chins and it’s not just people in eateries. There are also people walking around on street and malls with their masks down to their chins.

Personally, I think it is rather gross as we’d be breathing in whatever contamination there might be on our chin. Is it that difficult to remove masks completely? I get that people want the convenience of pulling their mask back up after they have finished eating but it’s just not the way to go about it. I was at my regular noodle stall for lunch today and one of the customers had his mask down to his chin while ordering. The stall owner, a no-nonsense lady promptly instructed him to pull his mask back up to cover his mouth. Good on her and he did as he was told.