Lies Of Lies Korean Drama : The Love Of A Mother Who Has Been Framed For Murder


untitledThe lengths a mother will go to to reunite with her daughter after giving her up as a baby. This is more or less the premise of Lies Of Lies Korean Drama which I watched the first 2 episodes of yesterday. 10 years ago Ji Eun Soo, abused and pregnant wife of the heir to a cosmetics company (a chaebol) was found unconscious by police. She was holding a bloody knife and lying near her dead husband. Of course that made her the primary suspect and she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Her mother-in-law the powerful Kim Mo Ran, Chairwoman of DO Cosmetics, did everything she could to prevent Ji Eun Soo from meeting a reporter who could have helped her & orchestrated the accident that killed her father who was the only person who could have helped Ji Eun Soo.

To make matters worse for Ji Eun Soo, Kim Mo Ran persuaded her to give up her baby daughter. She promised to give the daughter a better life but actually instructed her secretary to dispose of the baby. Kim Mo Ran is on a mission to make Ji Eun Soo suffer for the loss of her son. After being released from prison, Ji Eun Soo goes looking for her daughter based on a photo and information fed to her by Kim Mo Ran’s secretary over the years, only to find out that the kid in the photo is not hers but the daughter of Kim Mo Ran’s housekeeper.

Ji Eun Sil is desperate to be reunited with her daughter so she looks for clues that can help her locate the daughter. She manages to find Kim Mo Ran’s ex-secretary who was entrusted with the disposal of Ji Eun Sil’s daughter. The ex-secretary is now the owner of a restaurant and is initially reluctant to tell Ji Eun Sil anything. However after a few encounters with her, he reveals that he gave the baby up for adoption. He tells Ji Eun Sil the address of the family who adopted her and that family turns out to be Kang Ji Min, the reporter who was interested in Ji Eun Sil’s case 10 years ago. Kang Ji Min and his wife adopted the baby but they are now divorced and Kang Ji Min is a single father.

There should be 16 episodes in total, so far the plot seems interesting. Presumably Ji Eun Sil will gain the trust of Kang Ji Min and end up as his love interest. I am waiting to see what is in store for Kim Mo Ran as the character is pure evil to the extent of getting rid of her own granddaughter who is her flesh and blood. Only the truly cold-hearted can do such a thing.