No More Dry Nails With Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Overnight Nail Serum


dscn2684Since I have already used up half the bottle of Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Overnight Nail Serum, it is high time for this review. I have been applying it as often as I can remember on a daily basis. My nails have been very dry for a long time and this product is perfect for my poor nails.

Of course, to maximise its effect, you should apply it when you don’t have to wash your hands shortly after so the best time is right before you sleep. There are serums for every body part, it seems. Naturally nails need TLC as well otherwise you end up with brittle, weak and cracked nails.

The formula is not oily, it feels great on nails as it’s like a nice coat of hydration. The effect is long-lasting and it has helped my nails look better during the past few weeks. So easy to use as the brush contains enough serum for a few nails. Perhaps I have been using more than necessary but I love the feel of it on my nails/cuticles. Really recommend this for anyone who wants to give a boost of moisture to their nails.

Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa Malaysia and Parkson at recommended retail price RM39.90.

Product reviewed is a press sample